Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Wormhole: Day One

So, last night I set up my POS, thought I locked myself out, realized I handn't but had let the corp that was there know I was coming, because I was about to buy me a route into system.

Overnight, I received an Eve-mail from the leader of the corp (I'd assume) basically telling me to get out or else. My reply? Have fun POS bashing. They incapacitated a disruptor and one gun, but left everything else alone. At some point during the day, I got a reply to my Eve-Mail, basically saying "well, there's this other C2 we found that you can go into, and we won't attack you, but if you stay we're tearing down your POS."

Finally able to get on and play, Krim and Mal from Repo. brought a couple ships into my POS, and figured we could have some fun fighting off an assault, so we waited, and waited. With them sitting in there, and not outnumbering us, I figured I'd take my PvE Cyclone and run the anoms, while talking to them in local. See if they'd take a fight. Two of two anoms cleared, and salvaged, and they didn't believe I had done any of the sort. Of course, it all happened off-scan from their tower, but they never even came out and checked.

Eventually as I finished salvaging the second site, I noticed that they warped off towards the cluster I'm based in, and thought they were gonna try get my salvager. And then they dropped off scan with their Legion and Harbinger. Before too long, the Legion's pilot was back in a pod. He also warped their Damnation off to the hole not long afterwards, it was then I realized they may be evacuating, but I didn't think quick enough to warp to the hole, especially after seeing it on scan there for quite a while. The static from last night had finally died, and he was probably trapped in the bubble they had put up there. Too late, I warped there, but he was gone.

Probing out for the new low-sec static, it appeared 40+ jumps away (though low-sec, I didn't check through high-sec) from my old base of operations in Iges. For the most part, other than moving the Damnation out into the new system while I wasn't paying close enough attention. With them spending most of the time sitting in their POS, I checked through the other wormholes in system, and eventually back in the low-sec system, noticed a Pilgrim on scan. Telling Krim and Mal, I warped Disco through as I probed it out, and then proceeded to put him back into the hole, and polarize him. Mal then went through the wormhole, grabbed tackle, and they proceeded to ransom the Pilgrim for 120 million.

Other than that, It's been mostly quiet. No kills for myself other than Sleepers. I've made ~45m on sleeper loot (I ran another site later, with them still sitting at their tower, even with this site on scan), along with the 40m that was my share for scanning down the Pilgrim. It's been interesting. I look forward to seeing what these guys do. I'm hoping for some ~goodfites~, though not really expecting them any more at this point.

I may do some daily posts for a while now if things go decently and are interesting enough to warrant it.

Edit: And just as I was about to log off for the night, they tried to get a Mack out of system. Krim and I were able to snag it. Of course Eve-Kill doesn't let you manually post Exhumers though.

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