Thursday, 31 May 2012

What's in my hangar

Well, it's been making the rounds along all the blogs, I figured I may as well do this myself.

Not all that much there, but it's enough to keep me interested.

Solitude - Jaguar that I can't quite fit how I want, passive shield tanked, meant to wear down bigger ships, completely able to ignore incoming DPS from drones. I've taken it out a couple times when we needed heavy tackle, but no real stand out fights in it yet.

Leftöver Crack - My go-to Wolf fit, stolen from Ava Starfire. This fit has definitely done me some good, with kills such as this.

Nasum - Similarly fit, though it has a SAR2 rather then Centii C-Type.

VAGADONTUSE - Fit, but unused Vagawolf. I fit it, only to figure out my skills related to keeping the modules running are horrible, and it's sat since then.

Neurosis - Cyclone I won on Blink. Can't fly it yet, but, I've got a full XL SB fit sitting for it here.

SNFU - 1600mm plate Rupture, just started flying these, and loving it.

Abyss - Brawling shield fit Stabber. It's pretty crappy. It's cheap. It's fun to fly.

Propaghandi - SFI I picked up cheap recently, don't intend to fly it until I can really fly it well.

Xasthur - Shield fit Thrasher, all gank. Definitely fun to fly.

Johnny Hobo - TD/SAR , my go to ship most days. I love these things, like I've said before (and yeah, I've linked back to that post twice in two posts now)

Firetail - Spare

Phaeleh - Standard 200mm/SAR Rifter. I may switch it up though, since they seem to not be all that great vs other t1 frigs these days.

Spare Rifters (not sure why they aren't stacked)

and my PI hauler.

Nothing all that special. I've got another Cyc and Hurricane sitting in Jita to take down eventually, both won on Blink. Most of the names are all music-related, mostly metal/punk.

Fly dangerous


Monday, 28 May 2012

Buffed Frigates vs Firetail

The new T1 frigs are interesting beasts. I won't lie, I feel a little left out with the Rifter being unchanged. The day of the patch, I watched Sard Caid's stream as he tested a bunch of them out (here's the link to the VoD of that stream), and it really seems like the Merlin is king of the hill now.

After watching that for a while, I decided to see what I could find in the way of frigates around, and I went roaming in my trusty Firetail. As I was roaming and chatting with Penumbra, he said something about that he had fought an Incursus who's tank he absolutely couldn't break with his Crow. Not too long later, I heard from my friends in the Amoen/Avaux loop that there was an Incursus around there, piloted by Gulidor that was looking for a fight. I've fought him a couple times before, and knew he's definitely a pilot that'd be good to see how ships stack up against each other with. Telling them to pass along that I'm on my way, I head towards Amoen, and get there just before he gets into system, and warp into the sun. With barrage loaded, I burned away from the warp in for a couple AB cycles to make sure he wouldn't land on top of me, and waited.

As he landed, we began the deadly dance, with him scrammed/webbed, and range distrupted, and with myself in the faster ship, I most definitely had range control, and what I thought was the upper hand. That was, until I hit his armor, and proceeded to see all the damage I did, repped back up. I asked Penumbra before getting into this fight who was piloting the Incursus he had fought earlier, and it was the same pilot. 

After a while of this, with him not landing decent shots, and with my fire not breaking his tank (apparently the fit is cap-stable with cycling the rep), I decided it was time to stop falloff kiting with barrage, and I took the time to reload. At this point, I think he figured I was giving up and about to let him go, and he had also stopped firing. Hitting approach, I overheated the guns and went for it, and it was soon apparent that my DPS with fusion in close was going to be enough to break his tank, but the real question was if my tank would hold under the fire from his blasters in close.

Approaching and turning off the TD, I switched to the Tracking Disruption script, and watched the combat log with a hawk's eye, and sure enough, I did notice enough of his shots that weren't landing all that well, but it was still enough incoming damage that I had to perma-run my SAR to keep up with the incoming damage. With guns and NOS overheated trying to squeeze out the extra cap for a few more cycles of my SAR I started to think I was about to lose this fight, and started to align out as I hit structure. He was a little deeper into structure then I was, but I was also afraid of the Gallente frigate hull-tanking me. Pulling a little bit more range, I landed a few good shots, and it was over. With my Firetail trailing smoke, with 80% of it's hull still intact, I was happy to have won that, and we chatted in local for a while about the fits and how things have changed.

Still looking for a Merlin fight a couple days later, I ended up in the Shades of Gray home system of Pellile. There were a bunch of them home, but all in ships larger then my Firetail could handle, so I asked in local if any of them would be down for a frigate 1v1. Caige DarkBane replied that Nopset was interested, but a few jumps out, so I said I'd be down to wait, and asked what he was in... a Merlin.

Finally going to get a fight with the dreaded Caldari powerhouse, it wasn't too long before he got in, and we fleeted up, I had dropped a new safe for this fight, as I didn't really trust them not to BM the spot and possibly come looking for me in a safe some other time, and as it turns out, this may have been a really smart idea.

Not sure what tactics would be the best against this newly buffed blaster boat, I chose to try the standard falloff kiting, figuring that I would probably still have the damage advantage with my TD's range script in full effect, and it did seem that I did, but I also didn't keep a very close eye on the fleet window, before long, when it seemed that I was getting the upper hand, he dropped fleet, and joined up with a bunch of the Shades guys, who soon enough warped into the safe spot that we were dueling in. I right away targeted the Stiletto that came in, and aligned out while taking pot shots towards the Stiletto, but he never did point me before I got out. 

That's definitely some bad points towards that alliance from me. At least I learned it without having to pay for a new ship. Luckily that sweet bitch Karma reared her head, and ended up dropping Nopset's Merlin a short time later, and I got on the KM for it.

I also dropped another Merlin later that night, but he was "PvE" fit running a minor FW plex. I chased him around for ages, and he could have warped off, but never did. SMRT me though, I had tried to go and pop the pod (wasn't going to ransom it with the FW rats shooting me), and hit my guns before the lock resolved. When I then went to grab the loot, it targetted the wreck, and shot it right away, and I didn't get any of the loots.  Sad day.

Finally today,  I got the Merlin fight I had been waiting for. PenumbraWolf, fellow Repo. member had picked some up and fit them while I was away for the weekend (skiing in May, can't beat that), and was willing to waste a bit of money on ammo and repairs so we could see where the Firetail stacked up vs the Merlin.

The first fight we had, I tried to falloff-kite with Barrage, with my orbit set at 7500. It was soon apparent that this isn't the way to go, with his web on me, it turned out he was faster then I was. This may partly be my current skills (I'm really starting to feel like I'm falling behind in the Navigation side of things, though I'm finally finishing up High Speed Maneuvering IV right now, mostly for flying Cruisers more). But with that, it didn't take long until he was right in his optimal, and I was shooting against his best resist. I had him to around 2/3 shields when I hit structure.

Round two, I loaded EMP and set my orbit to 1000m, along with having the tracking speed script loaded in my TD. Landing on grid, we opened up on each other, and this time it was soon apparent that the reverse from the first fight was playing out. With him landing weak hits, I was eating through his shields at a decent rate, while he wasn't hitting me hard at all. Once he finally hit my armor (after a wrecking blow taking out half my shields), it was the occasional cycle of the small armor repairer to keep it at full strength. Though the last 1/4 of his shields took their time to actually break through, I never thought with that fight there was much chance of coming out on the losing side of it. 

With that figured out, we both went on our ways, with more knowledge as to what we can engage. I can safely say I still feel confident taking on any T1 frigate with my Firetail, and quite frankly, I do think that's the way it should be with the price difference between them.

Take chances,

Monday, 21 May 2012

Times like these.

Two posts in two days, but I just can't hold off on writing about the events of today. 

Started off fairly normal, got on, didn't have everything in the hangar to fit another Wolf after losing one last night, so I took out the Jaguar, after trying to get a Brutix to agress on the gate (a member of the corp "Anti-piracy Impire, I figured he'd for sure go for it) with no success, I soon found a Ferox on scan... at a station.

Once again trying to get him to agress flashy-red 'ol me, and he doesn't. I warped off, and kept scanning the station, and he left, but didn't dock up. Soon enough I found him, at a belt! Landing on top of him, I got the scram/web and went to work on his fairly stiff shield tank. It didn't take long for him to convo me, asking me what it would take to stop. Soon enough, we came to an agreement at 25 million, which I happily took, and went on my way (especially considering this all went down in Dastryns, which is a high traffic system, and I had a Tengu and Taranis on scan at the time).

Not seeing any more action after that, I exited my pod for a while (and finished D3 on normal...). Coming back, there were a few more members of Repo. on, and as I warped around our home system, I saw two Ishtars, an Oneiros, and a Noctis all on scan together in deadspace. Quickly getting my alt on, I was able to get a warp in after the first pass, and then waited for the rest of the corp-mates to get in some heavier ships, while I re-fitted a Jaguar as fast tackle.

Warping us in we came to a room with 9 gates or something like this. Omu Matol, who runs level 5s tells us that they all just bring us into the same room, at different ranges, so, with my Jaguar leading, we all jump in, landing in a room with the ships, though one of the Ishtars I had originally seen had left. Being closest to the Noctis, I burned to it and pointed it, and Penumbra and I quickly dropped it, while the other two were still trying to get there. Around this point, we realized that this was a complete cake walk, and they were all AFK. It didn't take us much longer until we had dropped all of the ships, and the empty pods. 

All of us were then hanging around Iges, waiting down our GCCs, darmwand saw three pods on scan, members of the corp Regeneration. It didn't take long until we had probed them down, as they left local, finding ourselves in front of a wormhole right then, we decided to see what was happening with that, and before too long, a Nightmare and Loki jumped through. Not knowing what was going on, we all scattered. 

Seeing those pilots then enter the wormhole again in pods, we all went back, and as they came through again, this time in Tengus and warped off/re-entered the wormhole. At this time, one of the pilots convo'd me, notifying us that they were mid-heist from a WH alliance, (R.E.P.O. funnily enough) and offered to pay us if we were to run security for them, agreeing to that, we stood guard at the wormhole, and let them know who was around. It wasn't too long after that they were calling for us to all come in and grab ships asap, because the owners were wising up to what was happening. Not being able to really fly anything of value, I figured it was more valuable for me to stay in my wolf and take care of anything that might come after our friendlies here. There was a Typhoon sitting on the entrance to the wormhole where everything was located, along with a few Stealth Bombers flying around, but nothing happend at the time. Before anyone could get into one of the ships from the POS though, they had changed the password. So as everyone podded out, we decided to try grab the Typhoon that was still sitting on the entrance to the WH.

Being the only person in a ship at the time, I went after it as they grabbed other ships. Dropping wave after wave of drones, my armor was starting to wear thin, though my repper was taking decent care of it, when my backup arrived, but so did a Retribution to aid the 'phoon. Launching a flight of ECM drones, I got jammed at that point, and without the extra cap to run my rep, the Retribution was able to drop the small amount of armor remaining, even through the T2 Minmatar resists, and then ate through my structure. 

darmwand and Omu were also unable to get out of there as more backup arrived in their ships, but they did manage to get the Retribution down (though the KM only shows Omu, as the Retri went through the WH). Omu who had jumped through the WH to try and get away, found out the hard way as he came back into the one where the fight was that the C5 had heavy nerfs to ship agility, as he while he was aligning he watched a Drake come through, lock, and scram him before he was able to enter warp. Bad luck there.

So sitting around back in Iges after all that, we were talking with the memebers of the other corp for our payment, not sure what was happening, and watching them ferry ships out, Starting to get the feeling that we were about to get screwed out of any payment we were told to talk to the corp leader. During this all, there was a harpy on scan, at the sun it turned out. Thinking this may be bait, but figuring I probably had enough backup with me, I turned my Jaguar towards it and warped in. Landing on top of it, and applying my tackle and firing on it, it wasn't long before everyone else dropped in on it with their battlecruisers, and we dropped it. At about the time it's shields melted a Cynabal dropped in on us. But because it was either dual prop or AB fit, it was able to shake the scram that had been applied to it, and started to apply it's damage from range. Dropping the Harpy, we all turned our attention to the Cynabal. During all of this though, nobody had been watching local or D-Scan, and soon we had Hurricanes dropping on us. The call was made to get out if you can, but I was unable to, along with Maleficas in a Hurricane

After all this, Omu was still talking to the leader of Regeneration about our payment. After a while longer, those of us who lost ships eventually got paid what they were worth according to the killmails, with the leader citing that they didn't get nearly the haul they were expecting out of the whole operation. While glad that they didn't hang us out high and dry, that was a bit of a disappointment to what was an interesting night, though breaking even on that is always good.

I've gotta say, if nights like these come around every so often, I can't see losing interest in Eve.

Fly dangerous.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Firetail Folly.

So, how about that D3. 

Just kidding, not going to do a post about that. I've put some time into it in between my roams over the last few days, it's enjoyable, but I doubt it's going to break the hold on me that Eve currently has, especially once I finally am able to start flying Cruisers decently later this week. I've got a fully fit Rupture and Stabber sitting and waiting for me, though I've not heard much good about the Stabber, I figure it's worth giving it a shot. Fully fit, I doubt it runs anymore then my Firetails have been.

On one of my more un-eventful roams, I eventually came across Celebris Nexterra. He was flying something that was a little more then my Firetail could handle, but offered to re-ship into something for a frigate 1v1. Having had no action that night, I decided it was better then nothing. Heading to his home system, we fleeted up and I waited for him in a safe. Not quite knowing what to expect, I was spamming my scan button and soon saw a  Federation Navy Comet on scan. Seeing that, I didn't worry about re-loading my guns, which I default to barrage in most cases, so I prepared to get the fight underway. He landed 30k off of me, and soon I realized I was in trouble, I wasn't able to do any meaningful damage to him, and he was just picking away at me with his railguns. Unable to get away, and having a lapse of brainpower as I was trying my hardest to get away, I never used my tracking disruptor, which quite possibly could have turned the table on the fight. I warped my pod out, and exchanged GFs in local.  

This is something I need to catch myself on more often, not using all my modules. I love flying things that have more to do with them then just hit orbit, and guns, and hope you win. Coupled with preferring brawling to kiting, and it really has lead to me loving the active tanked/TD Firetail.

[Republic Fleet Firetail, Dogfight!]

200mm AutoCannon II
200mm AutoCannon II
E5 Prototype Energy Vampire

X5 Prototype Engine Enervator
Balmer Series Tracking Disruptor I
J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I
Experimental 1MN Afterburner I

Small Armor Repairer II
Adaptive Nano Plating II
Damage Control II

Small Projectile Ambit Extension I
Small Projectile Collision Accelerator I
Small Anti-Explosive Pump I

While I do love the fit, and it's probably my most flown ship these days, I do find the ships I can engage with it to be lacking at times. I'm sure it may be able to drop some turret based AFs, and probably most of the turret based interceptors if flown correctly, more often then not I avoid the fights as I'm just not confident about being able to do it. I'll put it up against most turret cruisers also, but there just aren't many of those around without neuts. 

Anyways, I just wanted to throw a quick blog post out there. Also, to anyone who reads this I'd like some input again. The notepad document I've got notes about the fights on is getting rather large, and I've got a real long back catalogue of fights I could write about. Up until this point I've basically been keeping it chronological, but I've been thinking of just scrapping that, and writing about the best of the fights, and the ones that I think could be learning experiences for myself and others. Thoughts and opinions?

Fly Dangerous

Monday, 14 May 2012

Federal Consensus Outreach fights pt. 1

These guys are worth a separate post in and of themselves. I've had numerous run-ins with them (well, I visit their home system fairly often) and have had plenty of good fights out of it. On the number of kills? I'm definitely ahead, but with ISK efficiency, they win that hands down, as for the most part they're fielding T1 fit Frigates and Cruisers against me.

The first run-in I had with them, I was out in a Firetail, and Niccolo Machiavilli was out in a Myrmidon. usually, this wasn't a fight I'd have a second thought not taking, but a quick look on his Battleclinic didn't reveal anything impressive, and scanning the belt revealed  Hammerhead I drones, so I decided to go for it. Warping into the belt, and quickly locking and approaching... Well, I thought approaching. I had locked through the overview, but had ended up clicking an Asteroid somewhere along the lines, and when I got in range, I hit orbit on that, rather then the Battlecruiser. After correcting my mistake, I went to work dropping his drones, which I did with relative ease, though I had taken some fairly heavy damage by this point between his guns and the drones. As I finished off the last of the drones though, a Drake warped into the belt, and I decided that it was time to try and get out. Sadly, that didn't go so well, and the duct-tape that had been holding the Firetail together fell apart as I tried to get out.

Back in the neighbourhood a few days later, I saw a Covetor on scan as I came in. Not being one to turn away a mining barge, I warped in and went to work. Able to catch it before it warped off, I went to work on it trying to burn it down as fast as possible, knowing that there was a good chance he had backup. Soon enough it was apparent that I wasn't going to do it fast enough, as a Thorax was on scan. I thought about disengaging, but was getting close enough that I decided to overheat everything, and go for the kill instead. It still wasn't enough, as the Thorax landed beside my Firetail and got a point on me as the Covetor kersploded. Having landed a few solid hits as I was finishing the miner, I wasn't at all confident about taking out the Cruiser, and tried to make a break for it, but didn't have the speed to get out of point range before the final shot breached my hull.

The day after that all went down, we had a Repo. roam scheduled, leaving from Iges with h0tsauce scouting systems in front of us in a Comet, he soon enough came across a Vexor in a belt, warping in on it and getting a point, he called us to come and back it up, but before any of us landed, the Vexor was down. Also managing to get thet pod, the rest of the Repo. guys jumped on it and whored the killmail as best they could (I was -1 the entire time, so I had none of it) and tried to ransom the pod. The pilot, that randomguy Utioh, of Fed. Con. wasn't too pleased with that, and said quite boldy that he didn't deal with Pirates, which ended him in a clone vat

Another day, another solo roam I ended up back in their home system of Espigoure, taking a Thrasher out for the first time, I soon saw Utioh again, along with a Rupture and a Thrasher. I split them with aggression on a gate until I had his Thorax alone and went for it. I burned through his shields like they weren't even there, but had some difficulty with his armor. I was originally thinking about going for the Drake when I had gotten into system, and hadn't changed reloaded after filling the chambers with EMP. Chewing away at his armor, he was making quicker progress through my buffer then I was able to make through his. Hitting structure with him at 1/4 armor, I prayed for a miracle. As he hit half structure though, my ship became a floating pile of wreckage.

I've had a bunch more fights with these guys, but I'll probably continue that next post.

On the skill front, I've finally gotten Hull Upgrades done training, so I'm finally back on training my cruiser guns (and getting Motion Prediction to IV, probably would have been a good thing to get there a while back, that'll finish tonight). I'm around 8 days from having Medium Projectile V finished, and once I've got that done and the specialization to III or IV, it's another 3 day train for Minmatar Cruiser IV, and finally MORE VARIETY!
Even though the Stabber is looked down upon more often then not, I grabbed one with a half-kiting type fit that looks interesting to me. That said, I'm sure I'll be flying Ruptures much more then Stabbers, as they're much more versatile. My shield skills are definitely lacking right now though, so it'll probably be armor tanked Ruptures for the time being at least. We'll have to see what happens in the 12 days or so between now and when I start flying them. I've also grabbed a SFI that was cheap, and already in low-sec about a week ago, I think I grabbed it for 55 mill or so, and I looked today and the cheapest hull locally was up for 80 million, so I'm glad I did that now. I'll definitely be waiting for some better skills before jumping into something that expensive though.

Fly dangerous

Monday, 7 May 2012

100th pilots' possessions Repo.'d

Well, yesterday marked the day that I hit my 100th (real) kill since joining Repo. just over two months ago. Quite happy with the way things have gone, and I'm really enjoying the Placid area. Of course, the kill itself was not something worth writing about.

Back to the narrative of my trial and error in Assault Frigates though. When I first started flying them, I neglected prettymuch everything else for a while. I had been testing out a few fits and trying to get a feel for them, including fitting one of the fairly popular "Vagawolf" fits, and then realizing as soon as I did that, I really can't fly it, as I'll cap it out in close to no-time-flat, even with the Gistii B-Type MWD. 

Also having a brawling Wolf fit, at the time I wasn't feeling the speed of an AB Wolf, even in low-sec, just thinking I'd have trouble catching anything, so I threw it on there. Without giving much more away, I will say that became my most expensive loss-mail yet.

Doing my regular roams around Placid, it had been a fairly quiet night at the time, spending most of it on comms with Hotsauce, while chasing after ghosts. Eventually, after finding nothing in Intaki, I jumped into Brarel, and right away saw a Jaguar on scan. Still unfamiliar with what kind of envelope I could push with this new class of ship, I was hesitating to jump to this older pilot, who I had scanned down to a belt. Eventually, the want for a fight got the better of me, and I brought my Wolf around and warped to the belt. Seeing the Jaguar in the midst of wrecks, and fighting a rat, I hit the microwarp and burned towards it, soon landing a scram on the other pilot's Assault Ship. Opening fire, my autocannons shredded his shields, and blasted straight through his armor with no resistance. With his pod escaping the remnants of the ship, I was unable to bring the scrambler around onto it before it hit warp and got out.

My first kill of another Assault Frigate while piloting one myself, I was rather pleased with it. Continuing on after dropping the loot back off at home, I decided to check the systems bordering a small high-sec pocket that I had heard quite often attracted miners, Dour and Grispire. Getting into Pellile, it didn't take long before I started scanning down a few battle-cruisers and the like, and a high member count of the Shades of Gray alliance. Going into Dour, I soon noticed that a few of them followed me in, probably meaning to camp me in and snag me as I tried to leave. That was fine though, I had a few other things to get done out-of-pod, so I docked up and left for a while. Coming back an hour later, they were mostly out of system. I had a feeling that they were still going to be trying to catch me, but I went to the gate, and jumped to Pellile anyways.

Jumping in, they were all there, and my heart sank. Hitting the heat on my MWD and crashing back to the gate, their Vagabond had more then enough damage output, and had started to put some large dents in my ship's armor before I warped back into Dour, along with a number of members of their gang. Not able to rep up my armor while cloaked, I knew it was just a matter of time if I stayed there before my cloak would be gone. Deciding to try my luck once more at getting out, I overheated the Microwarp drive once more, along with my armor rep and went full speed towards the Stargate once more.

Upon arrival, I surveyed the situation while safely cloaked, and saw that aside from the Ares that they had as fast-tackle, the majority of their gang was a goodly distance away from where I had entered system. Soon finding an asteroid belt that my Minmatar frigate was nearly aligned to, I hit the microwarp and aligned while spamming warp, but it was no good, before I had gotten away, the interceptor had a disruptor on me, and was burning towards me. Locking it up, and opening fire, the hits landed, and they landed hard. Being more focused on survival rather then doing damage to the other gang though, I never had the presence of mind to engage my scrambler on the interceptor, and as he hit half-structure, my 200mm autocannons were no longer firing their slugs out far enough to land any hits, but this also meant he no-longer had a disruptor jamming my warp drive, and I soon enough warped out. Landing in the asteroid belt, I right away engaged my warp drive towards the Ostingale gate, but never once saw any of their ships as I left system.

Another day, another roam, I ended up in Annancale. Doing the rounds through the system that I wasn't too familiar with at the time, I had a prowler on scan, and moving around. Having him narrowed down to a cluster, I warped in to the customs office, and kept my directional scanner going. Still on scan. Still on scan. Not on scan, I guess I was too late. Landing at the customs office, I continued trying to get a narrow scan towards various clusters to try and catch this hauler. Finally thinking I had him narrowed down again, I see another ship warp on grid, lock my frigate, and start firing. As I was busy trying to find this hauler, a Jaguar had found me. With a couple rounds tearing through my shields, and starting to work on my armor, I went through the regular routine. Locking, scramming, and starting my armor repairer. It was apparent very soon that my armor rep wasn't going to be keeping up with the incoming damage. Looking at the readouts from the Jaguar's shields, I was barely making a dent on them, checking my loadout, I was still using Phased Plasma, and hitting one of his highest resists. This wasn't going to end well. With his scrambler preventing me from using my microwarp drive, and a stasis webifier holding me in place, there was going to be no escape from this one, I aligned out and waited for the inevitable, all the while trying to do as much damage as I could, and hoping for a miracle, but nothing of the sort happened. Not my finest hour, but by far my most expensive loss to date. Wished the pilot a GF in local comms, and went back home with my tail firmly between my legs.

As of the time of writing this, I'm nearing the end of training hull-upgrades V, which will (finally) let me fit T2 cruiser tank, and means I'm another step closer to getting into the Ruptures that I have laying around (and the Battlecruisers that I've won with the credit that I've gotten by buying GTCs through SOMER Blink). I've also grabbed a Stabber Fleet Issue, that I have no intention of flying for a fairly long while. I just saw it for sale quite cheap, and already in low-sec, so I figured I might as well, especially with the way hull prices have been going of late. I could already sell it for a 15m profit locally. I'm really looking forward to getting into something a little bigger and tankier, and having some fights that might last longer than 15 seconds on average. As much as I like frigates, I'll be glad to get more variety in my hangar. 

Fly dangerous