Monday, 7 May 2012

100th pilots' possessions Repo.'d

Well, yesterday marked the day that I hit my 100th (real) kill since joining Repo. just over two months ago. Quite happy with the way things have gone, and I'm really enjoying the Placid area. Of course, the kill itself was not something worth writing about.

Back to the narrative of my trial and error in Assault Frigates though. When I first started flying them, I neglected prettymuch everything else for a while. I had been testing out a few fits and trying to get a feel for them, including fitting one of the fairly popular "Vagawolf" fits, and then realizing as soon as I did that, I really can't fly it, as I'll cap it out in close to no-time-flat, even with the Gistii B-Type MWD. 

Also having a brawling Wolf fit, at the time I wasn't feeling the speed of an AB Wolf, even in low-sec, just thinking I'd have trouble catching anything, so I threw it on there. Without giving much more away, I will say that became my most expensive loss-mail yet.

Doing my regular roams around Placid, it had been a fairly quiet night at the time, spending most of it on comms with Hotsauce, while chasing after ghosts. Eventually, after finding nothing in Intaki, I jumped into Brarel, and right away saw a Jaguar on scan. Still unfamiliar with what kind of envelope I could push with this new class of ship, I was hesitating to jump to this older pilot, who I had scanned down to a belt. Eventually, the want for a fight got the better of me, and I brought my Wolf around and warped to the belt. Seeing the Jaguar in the midst of wrecks, and fighting a rat, I hit the microwarp and burned towards it, soon landing a scram on the other pilot's Assault Ship. Opening fire, my autocannons shredded his shields, and blasted straight through his armor with no resistance. With his pod escaping the remnants of the ship, I was unable to bring the scrambler around onto it before it hit warp and got out.

My first kill of another Assault Frigate while piloting one myself, I was rather pleased with it. Continuing on after dropping the loot back off at home, I decided to check the systems bordering a small high-sec pocket that I had heard quite often attracted miners, Dour and Grispire. Getting into Pellile, it didn't take long before I started scanning down a few battle-cruisers and the like, and a high member count of the Shades of Gray alliance. Going into Dour, I soon noticed that a few of them followed me in, probably meaning to camp me in and snag me as I tried to leave. That was fine though, I had a few other things to get done out-of-pod, so I docked up and left for a while. Coming back an hour later, they were mostly out of system. I had a feeling that they were still going to be trying to catch me, but I went to the gate, and jumped to Pellile anyways.

Jumping in, they were all there, and my heart sank. Hitting the heat on my MWD and crashing back to the gate, their Vagabond had more then enough damage output, and had started to put some large dents in my ship's armor before I warped back into Dour, along with a number of members of their gang. Not able to rep up my armor while cloaked, I knew it was just a matter of time if I stayed there before my cloak would be gone. Deciding to try my luck once more at getting out, I overheated the Microwarp drive once more, along with my armor rep and went full speed towards the Stargate once more.

Upon arrival, I surveyed the situation while safely cloaked, and saw that aside from the Ares that they had as fast-tackle, the majority of their gang was a goodly distance away from where I had entered system. Soon finding an asteroid belt that my Minmatar frigate was nearly aligned to, I hit the microwarp and aligned while spamming warp, but it was no good, before I had gotten away, the interceptor had a disruptor on me, and was burning towards me. Locking it up, and opening fire, the hits landed, and they landed hard. Being more focused on survival rather then doing damage to the other gang though, I never had the presence of mind to engage my scrambler on the interceptor, and as he hit half-structure, my 200mm autocannons were no longer firing their slugs out far enough to land any hits, but this also meant he no-longer had a disruptor jamming my warp drive, and I soon enough warped out. Landing in the asteroid belt, I right away engaged my warp drive towards the Ostingale gate, but never once saw any of their ships as I left system.

Another day, another roam, I ended up in Annancale. Doing the rounds through the system that I wasn't too familiar with at the time, I had a prowler on scan, and moving around. Having him narrowed down to a cluster, I warped in to the customs office, and kept my directional scanner going. Still on scan. Still on scan. Not on scan, I guess I was too late. Landing at the customs office, I continued trying to get a narrow scan towards various clusters to try and catch this hauler. Finally thinking I had him narrowed down again, I see another ship warp on grid, lock my frigate, and start firing. As I was busy trying to find this hauler, a Jaguar had found me. With a couple rounds tearing through my shields, and starting to work on my armor, I went through the regular routine. Locking, scramming, and starting my armor repairer. It was apparent very soon that my armor rep wasn't going to be keeping up with the incoming damage. Looking at the readouts from the Jaguar's shields, I was barely making a dent on them, checking my loadout, I was still using Phased Plasma, and hitting one of his highest resists. This wasn't going to end well. With his scrambler preventing me from using my microwarp drive, and a stasis webifier holding me in place, there was going to be no escape from this one, I aligned out and waited for the inevitable, all the while trying to do as much damage as I could, and hoping for a miracle, but nothing of the sort happened. Not my finest hour, but by far my most expensive loss to date. Wished the pilot a GF in local comms, and went back home with my tail firmly between my legs.

As of the time of writing this, I'm nearing the end of training hull-upgrades V, which will (finally) let me fit T2 cruiser tank, and means I'm another step closer to getting into the Ruptures that I have laying around (and the Battlecruisers that I've won with the credit that I've gotten by buying GTCs through SOMER Blink). I've also grabbed a Stabber Fleet Issue, that I have no intention of flying for a fairly long while. I just saw it for sale quite cheap, and already in low-sec, so I figured I might as well, especially with the way hull prices have been going of late. I could already sell it for a 15m profit locally. I'm really looking forward to getting into something a little bigger and tankier, and having some fights that might last longer than 15 seconds on average. As much as I like frigates, I'll be glad to get more variety in my hangar. 

Fly dangerous



  1. Nice AAR, and grats on the 100th kill!

    One quick clarification - the direction your ship is facing when you're cloaked makes no difference. As far as the game is concerned you're not aligned in any direction until you start moving, so you'll align for warp just as quickly regardless of the direction you choose. In the case above, your best bet is usually just to pick something in roughly the opposite direction to whatever ships you want to avoid (usually anything likely to have a scram/web or neuts).

    1. Alright, thanks for the advice with that. I was completely unaware. Could very well save me sometime.