Friday, 29 March 2013

The End

Anyone who's been following this blog, has probably noticed that I've been less than active in the last while. That's somewhat to do with how active I've been ingame, but also that I've just not felt like blogging when I've had something decent happen.

While the title here may be a little misleading, I'm not done with Eve, and I'm not done with the blog. It is the end of the first real stage of my Eve career. I'm at the point where I've finished with Low-Sec Piracy. Within the next while, I'll be finding, and settling Dischord, and my alts into a Wormhole. Starting to do some of the PvE that I really haven't to this point, as well as using it as a base to PvP out of.

I've dropped my roles within Repo. and am leaving on good terms with them, a great bunch of guys to fly with. There's a good chance that I'll still fly with them for their ops, as I'm leaving a base of ships there, and have blue status with the corp. Anyone looking for a low-sec piracy group to join up with, I'd highly recommend them.

For the time being though, I'll be rolling in my alt's corp. Southern Lord Industries [SUNN.] (20m to the first commenter who can say why I chose that name&tag, and how they're related). There's a chance that down the road a group I used to play Rift and SWTOR with are going to be looking at jumping into a hole, at which time I may join up with them, but that remains to be seen.

Going to be interesting times ahead. I look forward to it. The end of one stage of my life in Eve, and the beginning of the next. Hopefully it doesn't take me too long to find a suitable hole.

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