Friday, 19 October 2012

Slasher vs Drake

On voice,

me: "Anyone near Grispire? I'm warping in to tackle a drake"
darmwand: "I'm in Iges with Spar, four jumps out"
me: "point"

Was out running 1/10s in Placid with my Slasher, and came back near home. Figured I'd check the two back systems off of Pelille, and saw this Drake, on scan, with wrecks. Soon narrowed down to an anom. It was only after warping in that I thought about how I would break it's tank.

Landing around 20km off of the Drake, I warped in, and soon had tackle, set my orbit to 1000 and prepared to take out the drones, which... kept attacking the battleship rat. Soon my shields were depleted and I was cycling my armor rep sporadically, to stay nearly topped up. After he realized he wasn't going to be breaking my tank though, I soon found his four angry drones swarming my little frigate. Already having them locked up, I started going after them. Webbing them, and overheating my afterburner to mitigate as much damage as possible, the small buffer that is my ship's armor kept edging lower and lower. Overheating the small rep came next.

First drone popped... second drone popped, armor bouncing between 10% and 30%. I'm able to pop the third drone as he burns through the remaining armor, and take my structure down to 80%, but then, things stabilize. Final drone dies, and my rep brings me back to full. 81% damage on the rep, 82% damage on the burner, but I'm out of the fire. Now to cross my fingers that my help arrives before his does. Sure enough darm enters system with his Ishkur, followed soon by Spar's Brutix.

Inviting the Drake's pilot into our ransom channel I give him the option to eject, or his pod is forfeit, but asking while he's in half shield, we hadn't gotten an answer by the time we had him down to low structure. Holding him there for 10s, we still get nothing, and destroy his ship. Sure enough I call point on pod, and after making sure we've all gotten on, he wakes up in station.

Was nailbiting for a minute there, but that was definitely my best fight in a while there. Shoutout to Sard Caid again (two posts in a row now) for the Slasher fit.

Fly dangerous

Monday, 15 October 2012

FW Blapping

Roaming today has been some of the most fun I've had in Eve for a while now. Lately, more often then not I've been flying bigger/more expensive things, but decided that today I'd go roam around FW space in an Artillery Thrasher.

The first one I fit, didn't last long, when it landed nearly on top of a Hookbill at a minor-plex a couple jumps from home. Heading back and fitting another one I went back out, with the first casualty being a FW farmer sitting afk on an acceleration gate. Not a real exciting kill, but it's a start to the day. After docking up to wait out GCC and get a bite to eat, my roam started in earnest.

Working my way out to Nennamaila, (and realizing after a couple jumps that I had things on short-range scan, and probably missed a few possible fights), I found a Catalyst at another minor plex. Warping in, and landing 10km off of him, I hit the micro-warp away, and without taking a scratch on my armor, dropped the other Destroyer. 

With GCC gone, and not able to get another fight in system, before long I landed on an Arbitrator/Executioner on a gate. Turning and burning, sure enough the Arb aggressed, setting his TDs on me as the Executioner chased and pointed me, while around 40km away from his friend in the Cruiser. With two-volleys dropping the Executioner into structure, I was unable to overheat my point in time, and keep in range for the finishing blow, and the Executioner got away. With a Firetail joining them, but the Arbitrator warping off, it seemed like it was over with this group.

The Firetail kept following me though, not aggressing. Warping to the sun, he seemed to follow and was on short-range scan, but never actually came, so I kept moving. After the third gate, of the same thing, he did follow me to the sun, landing at 100, while I had warped to 50. Overheating propulsion, I was soon in point range, while local jumped by two. With the top rack overheated, I started aligning away as the Executioner and Arbitrator from before landed. Overheating the point to keep the Firetail locked down, the last volley landed and I was able to turn my attention on the Amarr frigate, who was chasing at this point. Not repeating the mistake from earlier, I kept the warp disruptor overheated as I went for it, and in three volleys, was greeted by a wreck. With only the TDing cruiser left on field, I was a little worried about the drones that were coming after me at the time, until I saw they webbed me. Turning back around, he soon recalled the drones and warped off, allowing me to loot the field.

After waiting out GCC, and having lots of traffic through system (though I once again had my d-scan on short range, and never once saw them) I made my way to Aeschee, after trying to "warp-probe" a Slicer that was sitting AFK between two celestials, only to have it warp off when I was within a couple million KM.

With some local chatter when I entered that showed there was some activity, I soon found a Rupture sitting on a wreck in the ice belt, with an Enyo burning away from it, which was soon joined by a Slicer. I don't think the Rupture and two frigates were friends, but they weren't engaging either. Trying to get towards the two frigs ended up with the Enyo warping off, and Slicer just burning away. Thinking I may have a chance vs a Rupture, I warped at range to the wreck he was sitting on, just to have him warp off at the same time also.

Warping to the sun when that was all done, hoping for some kind of action, saw me landing nearly on top of a Hyena. Thinking that he was probably friends with the other frigates in system, I overheated all the things, trying to pull some range and blap it as fast as possible, and blap it I did. Two volleys. As I started heading for the wreck, a Retribution warped to the sun, one of the Black Rebel Rifter Club pilots, Ohm's Law's, along with the Slicer pilot who is in the same alliance, Captain John Crichton. Burning at an angle closer to the Slicer, but away from both of them the familiar dance started. Overheat. Warp/Tracking disruptors active. With about three volleys into the Slicer, putting it into low armor, it pulled range and I lost lock on it as the Retribution was nearing. Locking Ohm's Assault ship, I started firing while aligning away. I was less confident with both of them still on the field, figuring I'd have dropped the Slicer before having to worry about him. With him tracking disrupted, he wasn't hitting too hard, but he was still hitting. Pulling some range on him, he got beyond my lock range, and landed some much more solid hits. Being aligned to a celestial already, I took that as a cue to warp out.

With my micro-warp nearly burnt, and guns half-way dead, I let my shields recharge and started to look for them again, but other then a near encounter with the Ret and a Tengu, nothing happened. Waiting out my GCC in a safe near the sun, while paying attention to Sard Caid's stream, I suddenly noticed my overview change. The Tengu had probed me down. Luckily I had aligned to my out-gate, and GCC had just finished. Off I went!

Heading back towards home, I got to Agoze, with Xedam in system flying a Taranis. Seeing a Punisher and Hookbill at a minor plex there, I went after them, hoping they'd be outside for some backup from Xedam. Both were inside, so I told him I'd go in and let him know what happened, if they warped off. As exited warp from the acceleration gate, the Punisher was already gone, and the Hookbill warped out towards the 9 cluster. Warping after him, with Xedam also going out there, we landed and soon it was off scan, with nobody having left. Warping back to the minor, it was inside once again, but knowing he'd probably be waiting on the warp-in, I figured I'd rather keep the Thrasher to fight another day.

Checking Intaki, I found Gulidor in system, and warped directly to the minor plex, which was offscan. Seeing a Merlin on scan as I came in, I was surprised to the Gulidor's Merlin sitting at 0 on the acceleration gate. Spamming activation, I went through and warped off ASAP, not wanting to be caught at close range.

Landing in my safe, while chatting a little in local with him, I noticed the Hookbill from earlier, along with a Catalyst on scan towards the minor again. Sending him a message to see if he wanted to gang up to fight them (with Xedam a couple jumps out now, we really should have been in voice), and he agreed.

Warping back to the minor at 20, they were already gone, so I sat there. Sure enough, while talking with Gulidor, trying to figure things out, the Hookbill landed, 10km off of me. Overheating my micro-warp away from him, I got to 11km before the dual-webs hit, and he started reeling me back in. With my propulsion soon being shut off by a scrambler, it was nearly over. Telling Gulidor they had arrived as soon as I could I overheated my top rack, and had the frigate nearly out of shield (which I should have let Gulidor know) when I popped. It turned out that when he came in the Merlin, he went after the Catalyst, which he got into structure before losing his frigate. 

Good fights were had, and I'm currently auto-piloting my alt to Jita while I type this to grab a couple more Thrashers to do this with. I'm really enjoying that fit, and the fights it can take.

Fly dangerous

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A few good fights

After a fair drought from ~goodfites~ and doing some carebearing/exploration on my alt of late (gotta afford all the ships I lose somehow, and I've tried to not sell Plex for a while now), the last couple days have been pretty fun.

Started yesterday, when Spar and Erik, two of our newer pilots were trying to catch a couple of ice-miners in Agoze, a couple times without luck, but with their spot bookmarked, I figured I'd take the Loki out for it's maiden voyage, and we went for it, only to not get enough points on the warp stabilized barges, and having them warp out.

Heading back home to Iges, there was a Megathron out running a mission, which we quickly ganked, nothing too much to write about that. Spar then had to get off for the night, and Erik went back roaming, before too long he told me that those guys were back at it in the belt. Having not bookmarked the site from earlier, I figured I'd take my Dramiel out for a run, so I'd have some speed to get to them if need be. Warping into the bottom of the ice belt, so I could grab a BM from a roid up top near the mining barge, an Atron soon landed on top of me. Burning off and locking, I realized I hadn't set my orbit/keep at range commands since a system crash had lost all my settings. Attempting to manual pilot a 20km orbit around the Gallente Frigate while going at around 4km/s didn't work all that well, and soon I was out of lock range. Good time to fix the settings. 

Soon he was joined by a friend in another Atron, which I start to go after, but still fumbling around with range control on them, I get the first into half armor when they warp out. Having not gotten a good bookmark yet, I stuck around in the belt, trying to get one right at the top, I was surprised when a Brutix landed nearly on top of me. 
Locking, and hitting orbit, I was surprised when I didn't suddenly start pulling range, sure enough my orbit had been set to just over 2km, rather then out to 20km. Correcting this, after eating a couple of glancing blows from the Battlecruiser, and using the shield-booster on the Angel frigate, I was soon in a comfortable orbit, with a comfortable shield buffer again, outrunning the tier one drones. 

While that happened, the Atrons had warped in once again, I had called for Erik to warp in, and he went after the Brutix, brawling it, while I dropped one Atron, who was chasing me, and then the other that was causing Erik issues (I've since told him a few things about proper killmail whoring). Focused back on the Brutix, we were able to drop it without any more issues.

Props to all of those guys for fighting, all quite new characters who are out trying to live in low-sec.

Today, getting online earlier then usual, I figured it'd be a good time to grab my last remaining Slasher and see if I could get any fights with some FW types. Getting to Intaki, I saw a Rupture on scan towards an outpost. Landing on the acceleration gate 10km off the Rupture, I hit the afterburner and got into a tight orbit. Working my way through his shields fairly well, he soon started to neut me dry, and I warped off to the sun, since he had nicely never disrupted my warp drive. Thanking him in local, I landed next to an Incursus, figuring this must be a sign, I overheated all the things and went to work, when I soon realized it was a gun-less button hugger, and figured it wasn't worth the cost to repair damaged modules.

With the Incursus pulling back gobs of armor every time it repped, I got in close and finally saw some structure, as the Rupture landed, while I had next to no transversal velocity. I overheated all the things once more, popped the Incursus, and barely had time to remember about my ASB before my Slasher followed suit.

After some carebearing this evening, Xedam and Vivien were out in Heydieles playing around with a FW group. Having picked off a Tornado before, they were baiting with a Stabber Fleet Issue, with a Caracal Navy Issue, and a bunch of other assorted Cruisers/Frigates/Assault Ships and a Falcon on the other side of the gate. Arriving in system with a dual large ASB Cyclone, Viv called the order for me to warp in and spring the trap. Opening fire on the flashy-red SFI, he started reapproaching the gate, while the gate started flashing repeatedly. CNI. Manticore. Vexor. Hawk. I didn't pay too much attention beyond that, and just locked targets as the Stabber jumped. Unfortunately, by the time he jumped, and I realized I should be focusing elsewhere the CNI had managed to just get out of overheated web range, so I set my neuts and drones on some Frigates, while taking a few shots (that barely landed due to being TD'd) on the Vexor, while Viv melted it. 

Using the blue-pill I had brought, the incoming damage was just higher then a single overheated booster was able to tank, but I soon capped out the Hawk, which was the main tackle on me. As the second booster ran out of charges, point/web dropped from the Hawk and I was able to get ~15km away, but wasn't aligned at the time. Thinking this was a great time to get out/get cap/reload, I started aligning. Suddenly, no targets! In the mess that was my overview, the Falcon had come. Xedam had been going after it, but we weren't on voice, so our communication wasn't the best. I lost the lock on the Hawk, and he burned at me right away. With very little cap to run the MWD, and no way to neut the Hawk off me, I soon found myself locked down once again. 

The first ASB reloaded, and was already pre-heated, but by this time I was already half-structure, and quite unsure. Seeing my structure drop just a little more between each cycle, the Falcon missed a cycle and I was able to get a lock on the Hawk, but without any cap to neut it off. I tried firing at it, to see if my guns would get a few lucky hits though. Structure nearly gone, the pre-heated second booster loaded, but before the second cycle was able to start, the last of the duct-tape blasted apart.

Xedam also was unable to get out, and lost his Thorax, though Viv did escape in the end. Battlereport is here, showing the Tornado from before I was there. Definitely a fun time, would do again.

Fly dangerous


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Risk-averse PVP

I just don't understand it. Why are people in this game so risk averse when it comes to fighting. If they don't have some kind of major advantage, they just don't fight. I was just out running some radar sites on my alt, using a Myrmidon (my alt has shit all for combat skills, needs something like that to run the sites easily enough). Sure enough, I'm getting probed down, and I warp out, bring Dischordant into system for backup if needed. Sure enough, I see the alt of this character come into system also. Clue number one, I should have checked what his alt usually flies. I figured it would either be to probe down/warp in quickly, or links.

I bait at the sun for a while, as I had a friend next door who was ready to jump in, after a couple minutes of that, with probes that came/went, and no action, I left once again for the site, figuring he was probably scared off by being at the sun, and I went about clearing the site. Sure enough probes come back out, and go off scan (taking a while at that too, not the best prober in the world). Clearing a wave of rats, sure enough a Proteus uncloaks next to me, I should have warped out, but figured an armor-cane could stay out of range well enough, and I warp Dischordant in, adding as much damage as I could with my alt. Landing with Dischordant and firing, before too long, you guessed it, a Falcon decloaks, and that was that. I should have warped out with Disco, but I didn't I went for the Falcon, but was still in scram range of the Proteus when my alt's Myrm went down.

As a mostly solo pilot, the amount of people that won't even look at me unless they've got backup of some sort is astonishing. I know this game isn't fair, and people will use whatever they can, but seriously.

Another group I fight quite often won't fight unless they have either numerical, or ship superiority. We came with a SFI/Ishkur, and two T1 Frigates? They come with a SFI/Vagabond, and Battlecruisers. We fight them with 4 Battlecruisers? They bring 6 and a Battleship. I come in a Wolf? I get an Enyo and a Scorpion.

I play for the ~goodfites~ more then anything, but they seem to be few, and far between right now. I don't have a great income, and I know that some of these players I fight probably have more liquid ISK then I've had in game, but I suppose ISK efficiency is the most important thing these days, eh?

Oh well, c'est la vie. Time to fit up another Hurricane, and wait until I can properly play on my desktop again. I won't be trying to dual-box on my laptop after this failed experiment.

Fly dangerous