Thursday, 4 October 2012

Risk-averse PVP

I just don't understand it. Why are people in this game so risk averse when it comes to fighting. If they don't have some kind of major advantage, they just don't fight. I was just out running some radar sites on my alt, using a Myrmidon (my alt has shit all for combat skills, needs something like that to run the sites easily enough). Sure enough, I'm getting probed down, and I warp out, bring Dischordant into system for backup if needed. Sure enough, I see the alt of this character come into system also. Clue number one, I should have checked what his alt usually flies. I figured it would either be to probe down/warp in quickly, or links.

I bait at the sun for a while, as I had a friend next door who was ready to jump in, after a couple minutes of that, with probes that came/went, and no action, I left once again for the site, figuring he was probably scared off by being at the sun, and I went about clearing the site. Sure enough probes come back out, and go off scan (taking a while at that too, not the best prober in the world). Clearing a wave of rats, sure enough a Proteus uncloaks next to me, I should have warped out, but figured an armor-cane could stay out of range well enough, and I warp Dischordant in, adding as much damage as I could with my alt. Landing with Dischordant and firing, before too long, you guessed it, a Falcon decloaks, and that was that. I should have warped out with Disco, but I didn't I went for the Falcon, but was still in scram range of the Proteus when my alt's Myrm went down.

As a mostly solo pilot, the amount of people that won't even look at me unless they've got backup of some sort is astonishing. I know this game isn't fair, and people will use whatever they can, but seriously.

Another group I fight quite often won't fight unless they have either numerical, or ship superiority. We came with a SFI/Ishkur, and two T1 Frigates? They come with a SFI/Vagabond, and Battlecruisers. We fight them with 4 Battlecruisers? They bring 6 and a Battleship. I come in a Wolf? I get an Enyo and a Scorpion.

I play for the ~goodfites~ more then anything, but they seem to be few, and far between right now. I don't have a great income, and I know that some of these players I fight probably have more liquid ISK then I've had in game, but I suppose ISK efficiency is the most important thing these days, eh?

Oh well, c'est la vie. Time to fit up another Hurricane, and wait until I can properly play on my desktop again. I won't be trying to dual-box on my laptop after this failed experiment.

Fly dangerous


  1. pilots in 0.0 tend to be more reckless in PvP. depending on who you go visit, you may send them cowering until the scenario above happens, or they may just come running.

    if you're anywhere close to 0.0, you should take some to figure out what groups show up in what areas at what times, and give it a shot out there.

    If you're gonna go solo, probably FA/goons or CVA would be best to fight against. Probably avoid Severance or Curse, as I've not seen any reckless PvP out of them so far.

  2. I've been meaning to use my empty jump clones more often and play around in null. I'll definitely have to do that. Which thanks for the advice as to where to look.