Friday, 19 October 2012

Slasher vs Drake

On voice,

me: "Anyone near Grispire? I'm warping in to tackle a drake"
darmwand: "I'm in Iges with Spar, four jumps out"
me: "point"

Was out running 1/10s in Placid with my Slasher, and came back near home. Figured I'd check the two back systems off of Pelille, and saw this Drake, on scan, with wrecks. Soon narrowed down to an anom. It was only after warping in that I thought about how I would break it's tank.

Landing around 20km off of the Drake, I warped in, and soon had tackle, set my orbit to 1000 and prepared to take out the drones, which... kept attacking the battleship rat. Soon my shields were depleted and I was cycling my armor rep sporadically, to stay nearly topped up. After he realized he wasn't going to be breaking my tank though, I soon found his four angry drones swarming my little frigate. Already having them locked up, I started going after them. Webbing them, and overheating my afterburner to mitigate as much damage as possible, the small buffer that is my ship's armor kept edging lower and lower. Overheating the small rep came next.

First drone popped... second drone popped, armor bouncing between 10% and 30%. I'm able to pop the third drone as he burns through the remaining armor, and take my structure down to 80%, but then, things stabilize. Final drone dies, and my rep brings me back to full. 81% damage on the rep, 82% damage on the burner, but I'm out of the fire. Now to cross my fingers that my help arrives before his does. Sure enough darm enters system with his Ishkur, followed soon by Spar's Brutix.

Inviting the Drake's pilot into our ransom channel I give him the option to eject, or his pod is forfeit, but asking while he's in half shield, we hadn't gotten an answer by the time we had him down to low structure. Holding him there for 10s, we still get nothing, and destroy his ship. Sure enough I call point on pod, and after making sure we've all gotten on, he wakes up in station.

Was nailbiting for a minute there, but that was definitely my best fight in a while there. Shoutout to Sard Caid again (two posts in a row now) for the Slasher fit.

Fly dangerous

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  1. Hehe nice.

    Bit of a late reply to an old fight but noticed an old comment to our rifter v rifter fight when you had that insane ASB tank. I only had the one repper fit in that fight. Though it was very much burnt out afterwards! :p