Sunday, 4 November 2012

Whelping, and the blob.

Lately has been fairly slow, with the exception of a couple rather noteworthy events. Thursday night, we randomly had a bunch more people on then we were used to, so we decided to actually form up into a fleet. Someone asked the comp, and right away the two words Kitchen Sink were thrown out. I felt like bringing something a bit larger out, so I jumped in my Cyclone. We also had a Caracal, Rupture, Arbitrator, Jaguar, Slasher, and Rifter. Call went out as for who would FC it, I offered on the conditions that everyone didn't expect to come home with a ship, and that I'd whelp the fleet. Everyone was fine with that, and it was a real prediction of what was to come.

Getting three jumps from home, into Agoze, Maleficas who was scouting in his Jaguar said that there was a Vexor sitting on the gate of a minor FW complex. I told him to go for tackle, and soon enough we were all in warp to take him out. As soon as we all landed though, local exploded, lots of Destroyers and T1 frigs coming to help out the Gal-Fed Vexor. With the Vexor going down fast, the ships that nobody had noticed on D-scan landed, a pair of Blackbirds, which really were what turned this fight. Not being able to get a lock from right about when the Vexor popped, until I was finally taken down, the last of ours to die, I was effectively out of the fight for most of it, along with the Rupture. Our Arbitrator had been having connection issues all night.

If I say I'm going to whelp I fleet, I do it good.

Today, another great loss. Out in my Cloki, and there's a Harbinger ratting. Couldn't be bait right?\

It occurred to me after I had scrammed and webbed, that the pilot Jordan Frost, had baited us before. Sure enough, local exploded. Ships landed. I lost SP.

Last month  was rough. Had a bad start to it, got pretty annoyed with the game for a while, ended up coming back strong and finshing the month with a positive efficiency (which is always my goal). I don't care much what it is, as long as it's positive. That'll be my goal again this month, but boy have I ever given myself a long road ahead of me.

I noticed the other day that I hit a few milestones recently also. Currently sitting at 500 kills on the Repo. killboard (Pods included), so I'm probably a little higher then that on Eve-Kill or Battleclinic. I'm also nearly breaking into the top 10k on the Battleclinic rankings, so I'm pretty stoked on that (for all that it means). It's not something I pay too much attention to. I've been in Repo. now for just over 8 months.

That's about all I've got to write for now, gonna be flying cheaper now, that's for sure. I'm damn glad I've started to come up with a steady income from running various lowsec sites now.

Fly dangerous

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  1. A whelp to end all whelps. Reminds me of the time 36 frigates killed my Huginn