Sunday, 25 November 2012

Brawling in Saikamon

So, with some discussions among the corp as to possibly moving to a new area of space for a while, it came up that there were some good looking systems out in the Bleak Lands to possibly check out. Feeling the need to get out of Placid for a while, I right away offered to check the area out. Grabbing what I needed, and heading out in my Wolf yesterday, I had a rather uneventful trip out. The first while I was in the area, I just wrote some reports on activity, and the local groups, but didn't look for any fights.

Today though, while sitting in station in Saikamon, I saw that there were a few more people in local. Deciding to check what was outside, I undocked, seeing a Cormorant, and Enyo on scan. The Enyo seemed to be towards the sun, but by the time I warped out there, he was gone, and both were on scan at a FW Major complex. Warping there, had the Corm sitting 40km off the gate, and the Enyo nowhere to be seen. Going though into the complex, the Enyo still wasn't there, so I warped back out, and came back for the Cormorant. Warping at range this time, I still landed around 40km off the Cormorant, but went for it this time. Figuring it was a rail-rant, I kept transversal as high as I could, though I wasn't sure how much good it'd do. He let me spiral in close, and never activated any prop mod, and his tank didn't last.

With short-range scan showing a Caracal, Thrasher, and the Enyo, I figured I had better bug out. Warping to my safe spot near the sun, I repaired my guns from heat damage while keeping an eye on scan, and where these guys were. The Thrasher and Enyo were at the sun, looking for me it seemed, so I warped at max range to get a good look at them. Blasters, and artillery. Warping at range to a planet, I hoped the Thrasher may land on top of me. Sure enough, waiting a little has the Thrasher right on top of me. He scratched me with a couple volleys, but not too much damage as his guns couldn't track, and the second destroyer popped. 

With the Enyo landing on grid, I wasn't sure about fighting him yet with the Caracal around, so I warped back to my safe, and waited to see what they would do. With the Enyo still at the same planet, and the Caracal elsewhere, I warped back to the planet, to see the Enyo just over 100km off of my warp-in.

Hitting the afterburner and heading out towards him, he did the same, locking each other up, I opened fire just under 20km landing some glancing blows. I missed my normal timing to try burn away from him and keep range as large as possible, and soon he had his web on me. Overheated guns, point, and afterburner, I tried to open up as much space between his blasters and my hull as possible, with him already taking armor damage before even hitting me, I was already in good shape. Overheating the rep, I didn't turn it on nearly quick enough, and saw massive chunks of my all-too-thin armor get blasted away. With his ship taking structure damage already I was fairly confident, but didn't want to keep range at all yet. My armor repair getting a couple of cycles in, it was enough to drop him before any damage made it to my own structure.

With the Caracal on scan, I bookmarked the wreck, and got out before I was at any risk, and when the Cruiser wasn't on scan towards that planet anymore, went back and grabbed my loot. A good first time in the area.

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