Monday, 3 December 2012

Expensive Battleships

Saturday night, just got back from grabbing a bite of dinner out of pod, when I saw Sadie the Goat mention "Raven Navy Issue" on scan on Iges, towards a moon with a tower, and no forcefield.With my alt out of system, I decided to bring him in and just be sure where they were. Coming into Iges, it was sat on the gate, 40km off with it's tech 1 drones deployed.

Rather unsure of what I had that could take it, I decided to grab my Cyclone, as the ASB nerf is coming up and I'm unsure of it's fit. Warping to the gate at range, I landed nearly next to the battleship, and locked it up seeing what it would do. Sure enough, it returned the lock, and opened fire. Soon though, the overview was lighting up. Nemesis, Scorpion Navy Issue, Cyclone. All were right there, though the damage wasn't too high, I took the blue-pill from my carghohold just in case. Mostly worried about the Nemesis at this point, I was yet unable to lock it, with it hitting me from over 60km away, but I was in luck, as he burned towards me and I could lock him, and set my drones on him.

Turning my attention back to the Raven, I overheated the top rack, trying to break his shields as quickly as I could. Looking back at the overview, I noticed the Nemesis was right next to me, and deep into armor. Taking my web and scram off the Raven, I put them on the Nemesis to ensure its destruction. Back on the first Battleship, I looked over at my still overheated guns, and tried to turn off the heat, too late. They deactivated from the damage. Ungrouping the guns, it showed they were completely burnt, not a single one left. Faced with only drone damage to try and break these ships, I made the call to eject after I had burned a couple more charges in my Ancillary Shield Booster, leaving the ship with four charges left sadly. As I docked up and jumped into my Vagabond, I got the Insurance Eve-mail. Warping back to the gate, the Cyclone had left, but both of the expensive Battleships were still there.

Going back to work on the Raven, who I had put into half armor previously, it took much longer than I expected for it to drop. Turning my attention to the Scorpion Navy Issue after that, the Cyclone came back. Through some piloting error, it got next to me, and alpha'd my capacitor. Turned out it was completely neut fit. With no cap to keep the Scorp locked down, it stuck around a while longer, getting into low-armor before warping out. Figuring a Cyclone to be a good runner up for a Scorpion, I turned my fire to him, though expecting it to warp out before I could kill it, as I was unable to maintain point. Updating my short-range D-scan, the SNI was back on scan, and sure enough landed 40km off again. With the Cyclone deciding to just stop near the gate, it allowed me to burn out of neut range, and get some cap to pin down the Scorpion. The Cyclone then proceeded to jump out of system, and leave me to finish the more expensive battleship (Repo.'s killboard doesn't like the lock-breaker module yet).

While all but the Nemesis pilot were really new from what I recall, and none of them are well fit (other than the Nem), it was definitely some of the most fun I've had in Eve. Nearly the most ISK I've killed in a fight also.

On other things related to the game, I'm pretty excited for Retribution. I've been training up my missile skills to a decent degree, so I'll probably be flying HAM Bellicose/Drakes soon. I'm really interested to see how the Stabber turns out. I've got a number of hulls to experiment with, so it should be good. Going to be training up rockets next for the Talwar, and I'll probably end up training Caldari and Amarr frigate to 5 afterwards, get a few more ships into the fold.

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