Sunday, 16 June 2013

Final weekend in Eve

It's not like I've been that active in the last while, but this weekend will be the final one that I'm online with Dischordant for the near future. Life happened. I've had to cancel my subscriptions, Disco is done next week (while I'm not at home anyways), Stephen's account is still paid into August, so I'll probably carebear a bit, and possibly get a plex for Dischordant, but that's to be seen with how much time I get on.

So with that said, I set out to lose my Typhoon in a blaze of glory. I scheduled a roam with my Repo. brethren, and had a decent turnout yesterday. Sadly, TQ was having issues at the time, and other than a missioning BC gang we didn't get any fights in a fairly long roam. I had to leave right about the time as they reset TQ, and didn't expect to be back, but as luck would have it, I managed to get online just after the servers came back up.

So most of our gang roamed back, with the same luck. I suggested that anyone who wanted to join me should come out into nullsec, and other than a couple gangs much larger than us (we stirred up Moon Warriors, and they brought out faction battleships w/ multiple blackbird support, and there was a gatecamp in Poitot w/ assigned fighters, and multiple blackbirds/falcons), we found nobody that would fight.

Twice we blind-warped to camped low/highsec gates in Syndicate, twice we had the gang that was camping warp off (we had a Typhoon, Cyclone, Thorax, Slasher, Malediction at the peak when we were out there).

Coming back to low-sec, we eventually engaged an obvious hot-drop Arazu on a gate, and Erik lost his Cyclone, and Obsete his Thorax. There was a third-party that was there at the time, who eve-mailed me afterwards saying their Falcon had jammed a few of the gang that hot-dropped us, and that allowed me to get my Typhoon out. So much for losing my battleship on that roam.

So this afternoon I decided to solo-roam in Syndicate. I eventually found a Brutix in a belt and warped in. Landing 28km off with a scram, I turned the unweildly trashcan towards it, to watch him warp off before I could land tackle. Following the pilot to the station, a Caracal undocked, which I aggressed right away, forcing him to dock. With a few more ships warping in, I warped off to a far gate, hoping they were interested. Sure enough they were. Brutix, Oracle, Arbitrator, Caracal.

I had warped to a pounce, but they warped directly to the gate, the Oracle landed first and went through, but the others stayed. I figured that this was a great engagement for me, and went to work on the Brutix. Before it went down, the Oracle came through again, 15km away from me. I started slowboating towards him, as the Brutix had rendered my MWD inoperable. Once the Brutix was taken care of, the Oracle who wasn't trying to pull range didn't last much longer.

Turning my focus onto the Cruisers, I primaried the Caracal. By the time he went down, I was nearly out of armor, but figured things would be fine to finish the Arbitrator. With the Arbi in half armor, a Vexor warped in, so I started aligning out, noticing the Amarr cruiser didn't have tackle on me. With the Vexor 20+ km away, and not pointing me yet, I went for the kill on the Arbitrator, and got it. Hitting warp as soon as it died, I found that the Vexor had just managed to get in range to keep me there. I overheated all the things, but when the Armageddon landed, I knew that this was the end of my first Battleship. I had the Vexor somewhere in armor, but I can't say I paid that much attention to it. BR for the entire shindig.

I was quite happy with how it all went down. Thanks to Userper. for bringing it, and not out-shipping me right from the start, it was a damn good fight.

With that though, I'm signing off for an unknown amount of time.
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