Monday, 21 May 2012

Times like these.

Two posts in two days, but I just can't hold off on writing about the events of today. 

Started off fairly normal, got on, didn't have everything in the hangar to fit another Wolf after losing one last night, so I took out the Jaguar, after trying to get a Brutix to agress on the gate (a member of the corp "Anti-piracy Impire, I figured he'd for sure go for it) with no success, I soon found a Ferox on scan... at a station.

Once again trying to get him to agress flashy-red 'ol me, and he doesn't. I warped off, and kept scanning the station, and he left, but didn't dock up. Soon enough I found him, at a belt! Landing on top of him, I got the scram/web and went to work on his fairly stiff shield tank. It didn't take long for him to convo me, asking me what it would take to stop. Soon enough, we came to an agreement at 25 million, which I happily took, and went on my way (especially considering this all went down in Dastryns, which is a high traffic system, and I had a Tengu and Taranis on scan at the time).

Not seeing any more action after that, I exited my pod for a while (and finished D3 on normal...). Coming back, there were a few more members of Repo. on, and as I warped around our home system, I saw two Ishtars, an Oneiros, and a Noctis all on scan together in deadspace. Quickly getting my alt on, I was able to get a warp in after the first pass, and then waited for the rest of the corp-mates to get in some heavier ships, while I re-fitted a Jaguar as fast tackle.

Warping us in we came to a room with 9 gates or something like this. Omu Matol, who runs level 5s tells us that they all just bring us into the same room, at different ranges, so, with my Jaguar leading, we all jump in, landing in a room with the ships, though one of the Ishtars I had originally seen had left. Being closest to the Noctis, I burned to it and pointed it, and Penumbra and I quickly dropped it, while the other two were still trying to get there. Around this point, we realized that this was a complete cake walk, and they were all AFK. It didn't take us much longer until we had dropped all of the ships, and the empty pods. 

All of us were then hanging around Iges, waiting down our GCCs, darmwand saw three pods on scan, members of the corp Regeneration. It didn't take long until we had probed them down, as they left local, finding ourselves in front of a wormhole right then, we decided to see what was happening with that, and before too long, a Nightmare and Loki jumped through. Not knowing what was going on, we all scattered. 

Seeing those pilots then enter the wormhole again in pods, we all went back, and as they came through again, this time in Tengus and warped off/re-entered the wormhole. At this time, one of the pilots convo'd me, notifying us that they were mid-heist from a WH alliance, (R.E.P.O. funnily enough) and offered to pay us if we were to run security for them, agreeing to that, we stood guard at the wormhole, and let them know who was around. It wasn't too long after that they were calling for us to all come in and grab ships asap, because the owners were wising up to what was happening. Not being able to really fly anything of value, I figured it was more valuable for me to stay in my wolf and take care of anything that might come after our friendlies here. There was a Typhoon sitting on the entrance to the wormhole where everything was located, along with a few Stealth Bombers flying around, but nothing happend at the time. Before anyone could get into one of the ships from the POS though, they had changed the password. So as everyone podded out, we decided to try grab the Typhoon that was still sitting on the entrance to the WH.

Being the only person in a ship at the time, I went after it as they grabbed other ships. Dropping wave after wave of drones, my armor was starting to wear thin, though my repper was taking decent care of it, when my backup arrived, but so did a Retribution to aid the 'phoon. Launching a flight of ECM drones, I got jammed at that point, and without the extra cap to run my rep, the Retribution was able to drop the small amount of armor remaining, even through the T2 Minmatar resists, and then ate through my structure. 

darmwand and Omu were also unable to get out of there as more backup arrived in their ships, but they did manage to get the Retribution down (though the KM only shows Omu, as the Retri went through the WH). Omu who had jumped through the WH to try and get away, found out the hard way as he came back into the one where the fight was that the C5 had heavy nerfs to ship agility, as he while he was aligning he watched a Drake come through, lock, and scram him before he was able to enter warp. Bad luck there.

So sitting around back in Iges after all that, we were talking with the memebers of the other corp for our payment, not sure what was happening, and watching them ferry ships out, Starting to get the feeling that we were about to get screwed out of any payment we were told to talk to the corp leader. During this all, there was a harpy on scan, at the sun it turned out. Thinking this may be bait, but figuring I probably had enough backup with me, I turned my Jaguar towards it and warped in. Landing on top of it, and applying my tackle and firing on it, it wasn't long before everyone else dropped in on it with their battlecruisers, and we dropped it. At about the time it's shields melted a Cynabal dropped in on us. But because it was either dual prop or AB fit, it was able to shake the scram that had been applied to it, and started to apply it's damage from range. Dropping the Harpy, we all turned our attention to the Cynabal. During all of this though, nobody had been watching local or D-Scan, and soon we had Hurricanes dropping on us. The call was made to get out if you can, but I was unable to, along with Maleficas in a Hurricane

After all this, Omu was still talking to the leader of Regeneration about our payment. After a while longer, those of us who lost ships eventually got paid what they were worth according to the killmails, with the leader citing that they didn't get nearly the haul they were expecting out of the whole operation. While glad that they didn't hang us out high and dry, that was a bit of a disappointment to what was an interesting night, though breaking even on that is always good.

I've gotta say, if nights like these come around every so often, I can't see losing interest in Eve.

Fly dangerous.

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  1. It was definitively one of the oddest and interesting evenings we've had. Sandbox fo' life