Tuesday, 9 April 2013

And it's official

I'm in a wormhole. Everything I need is in there. It's not unoccupied, but I had everything completely setup before they realized I was in. 

I then proceeded to derp, and as I was moving some ships in, I warped to a wrong wormhole bookmark, and was sure they crashed it behind me (as they were running sites on the other side of the system as I ninja'd the pos up). I then proceeded to whisper a member of the 7 man corp who was online, and start to ask about buying the location to the "new" wormhole, when I actually realized I had warped to the wrong bookmark.

No more surprise, but I seem to be on good terms with them. 

Anyways, it's a C2 with a C2/LS static, so I'll be able to roam low-sec at will, while also always having some kind of W-Space to hunt too.

I look forward to the next while.

Fly Dangerous

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