Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wormhole: Day Two

Well, I can tell you already that daily postings won't be happening.

Logged on quickly before work this morning to make sure my tower was still standing, and to check what the other corp's towers were like. Mine was fine, their was... completely missing.

After work, I got on and sent the CEO an eve-mail, telling him that I wished he had actually stuck to his guns and given me a fight, he then asked if the people that "killed his pos" were called in by me. Turns out that after I had left last night, I'm guessing they kept dismantling the POS, but got ambushed and had a bunch of ships and modules killed by this other gang.

So today was rather slow. I ran my sites, found my new static when it finally came up, which was 7 jumps to Amarr, so I sold my loot, and grabbed a couple things I needed. Figuring I'd check the surrounding low-sec area for a fight, I went roaming in my Cynabal, and found a Drake running an anomaly. Figuring it'd be a PvE Drake, and would be tanked for EM/Thermal, as per the region I was in, I loaded Fusion and went after him.

He was slow on the attack, which meant I got lucky, as by the time I dropped him, I was just entering armor. looking at the killmail after? Fusion wasn't a good choice. Oh well, I can chalk that up to getting lucky.

I still haven't spent much time stalking other wormholes, that's probably what I'll start doing more tomorrow. I had rather limited playtime today.

Fly Dangerous


  1. Funny how they are 'your' sites now!

    1. Well, I'm the only person living in this system now, so it's mine isn't it? :D