Monday, 11 February 2013

1 Year of Eve

I had planned to do a larger post today, but got side-tracked. I'll probably get around to doing a more detailed rundown in the near future.

Today though marks one year from the creation of Dischordant, my main character. Sadly, I'm not all that active in game at the moment. Haven't had the drive to play for the next while, starting to think I may need to change things up and try something new ingame.

A few quick stats though, in the one year that I've played,

694 ships killed, for 43.53b isk in damage
259 ships lost, for 9.43b isk

Best month for isk killed was December, with 8.91b destroyed, followed by May, with 6.6b.

Highest ISK efficiency in a month was July, with 89.23% (4.78 destroyed, 0.58 lost), followed by December (8.91 destroyed, 1.17 lost)

I've been on two carrier kills, The first one written about here, and the second one being during the Tuskers FFA, which I never did write about.

It's been an enjoyable year. Still lots to learn, and lots of skills to train.

Fly dangerous

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