Friday, 4 January 2013

December in Review

December has been quite a month for me, most damage done, highest number of kills, and second highest efficiency. Though with that said, I also didn't play nearly as much as before, just had the luck that when I did play, things happened.

The majority of my playtime of late has been in the Amoen/Avaux loop against Malum Exuro/Forsaken Federation/Killers of Paranoid Souls, and their new friend Black Beard's Horde. Highlight of it all came early in the month.

Superpooper and Gallen were playing station games with Takezo Kensei in Amas. Eventually one of his lackies, Phjil came into system with me in a Brutix (I was flying a Drake). I heard the call from Super that TK had warped off station, at about the same time as Phjil had landed on gate with me. We were there looking at each other. Super went to the gate on the Amas side in a Interceptor. Phjil ended up aggressing me in Amoen so I jumped through, overheated all the things and went after Takezo. When I decloaked, he locked me up and took a shot at Superpooper (a non flashy) in his Malediction, which was orbiting the Tornado. Soon getting a scram/web on the Tornado, the gate guns and myself proceeded to rip through it's tank. He then proceeded to stick around too long and the Malediction grabbed a point on the pod, which was pretty damn expensive. As we finished that up, Phjil had come in and went straight for me, and soon after had more friends come into system. Gladly, none of them had a scram, so with an overheated point I was able to scoot out.

Another fight in the loop, I came through to see what was going on. Phjil undocked in an Eris for my Slasher. I knew from previous fights that he had rails on that ship. I had been sitting out in an instant undock at the time, and soon enough he warped out towards me. Overheating prop to get in close, it was closer then I had expected it to be, but soon enough the Eris dropped. I mentioned it to my friends in the loop, who decided they wanted to come over and laugh at him. After docking and dropping off the loot, I tried to reload my ASB only to realize that I didn't have the correct size of boosters, and three charges left. While sitting around, back in the instant-undock, Phjil decided to undock a Thorax and come after me once again, even though this time I had friends in system. No surprises, we dropped that fairly soon, though Dahullk ended up losing his Algos.

In Iges once again, I was greeted by the sight of a Scorpion and Raven, both the special Navy Issue ships. Looking through who was in system, I saw a couple members of the same corp as the same ships from a prior engagement. Grabbing the only ship I had around that I figured would have a standing chance against that kind of firepower (assuming that once again the fits wouldn't be great) I took my Stabber Fleet Issue out for a spin. Eventually catching up with the SNI on one of the stations, he aggressed me. With a stable orbit around him, afterburner on, I was easily repping his damage back, though a neut was causing me some minor issues. Eventually though I had a couple neutral Tengus on scan, and sure enough they were on station. I can't remember the exact details, but they were, or were former members of Suddenly Spaceships alliance, who had moved out of Covryn in the last while. Expecting that they would shoot the shiney, I figured things were good here. Much to my dismay, they locked my Stabber and started attacking. Knowing I was completely outclassed here, I aligned out, overheated the afterburner and was able to warp back to my home station. Docking up and resupplying, I put the call out in a couple channels I was in, and went back on the hunt as soon as the Tengus were off scan. Eventually, the SNI came to my station. Beginning the dance of death one again, I told my backup to come ASAP, they were slow to arrive due to war-targets in Stacmon, but eventually did come after the RNI also showed up as I had been winning the war against the first heavily tanked battleship. With more friends arriving on field, it didn't take long to mop the first, and second faction battleships up.

Another day, another Forsaken kill. Back in Avaux another day, with my alt I had found 2x Myrmidons, 2x Thoraxes, who had just killed a Venture. One system back from them, with Superpooper waiting in Aidart, we had two Drakes. Warping into the belt, I soon had point on the Myrmidon that was there (the other one on scan, but not in belt) and told Super to come, figuring that the backup would be coming quickly. Setting to work burning down the Myrmidon as fast as I could, I locked up the Thorax to watch it warp off, leaving his friend tackled in the belt. Soon the other Thorax came into the belt, just as Super was nearly landing, but it too also warped off to station and docked up, leaving our two Drakes to finish off their friend.

More Amas station games came up a couple days later, with Takezo and Lavoie. Eventually it got to the point with them in a Dominix and Megathron, and us with 3 Drakes and a shield Myrm. Having scanned out an instant undock that Lavoie had been using in his Mega (which we had scanned and seen the Cyno fit to, with them having multiple cap ship pilots online, out of system) we had a cloaky alt tackle him there, while we took kitey ships and wore him down, to see what would happen. Fully expecting to get pushed offgrid were he to drop the Cyno, we went after the Megathron. In my Vaga that I had left in system, Super grabbed a Scimitar, and Vulturus grabbed his Falcon to seal the deal. With the only damage coming from a Myrms drones, and the Vaga, it took a while, but we were wearing through the buffer tank. As he entered structure, the cyno went up, and a Moros and Thanatos came in. Just before this we had told the Myrm to go in and apply full DPS, which ended up in him getting tackled and dying after we dropped the Mega, as our Falcon had warped offgrid before making sure people were out.

All these fights with Malum and blues weren't without their losses though, I derped a Vaga to a Huggin (with links, I would've just eeked out of point range were it not for that), after losing a SFI too them a little while earlier. Hyps have a much longer damage range then I had expected. Not used to battleships.

That's definitely not all the fights I've had, but it's the best of them that I can remember. It's been a great month, hopefully I can get another like that this new year. I'm also nearing my first year of game in Eve, so that's pretty awesome.

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