Thursday, 21 February 2013


It's been quite a while since I've had a fight that really excited me. There's been the odd good fight here or there, but most fights are one sided ganks, one way or the other.

Today though, was the first time in ages there's been a fight that made me want to write about it right away. It started off like what would be normal, I had seen an Executioner on scan in Iges, at a medium plex. I figured it would be someone that'd run right away. With that in mind, I grabbed my Arty-Wolf that had Shadow Serpentis disruptor on it, figuring the extra range might just do it. As I warped in, there was also a Jaguar on scan there. Landing put me right next to the Jaguar on the gate, who warped out before my lock resolved. Executioner was offscan also, so I set about trying to find the Jaguar. After following him and not finding him a couple times, I saw a Harpy on scan towards the plex again.

Warping into the plex, and through the gate, I landed 4km off the Harpy. Clicking away in space while spamming my MWD got me out of scram range soon enough, and I set to work dropping the other Assault Frigate, not really watching local at the time. I mentioned to h0tsauce that I had a Hawk there, and he jumped into a Retribution to come help. The fight at the time I thought was about done, as I was dealing some good damage to the Harpy, and he wasn't able to touch me, or catch me. His ASB did a damn fine job repping though, and it became apparent when I updated my d-scan that things were going to be getting much more interesting. Alongside hoss' Retribution, I had a Hawk and Enyo on scan. Before the Harpy was dead, I had an Enyo to worry about not getting caught by. A bit of manual piloting to keep out of range, and the Harpy was no more, letting me focus my attention on the Gallente frigate, at about the same time as the Hawk arrived, at about the same time as hoss did.

Going after the Enyo, I was able to get a steady orbit without  much issue, he tanked surprisingly well, getting a reload off on his ASB IIRC, partially helped by the fact that I had to reload my guns. The problem was that they were also joined by a Vengeance around this point. hoss had the attention of both of the rocket toting frigates, and lost his Retribution to their combined fire. Figuring that the Hawk which h0t had been softening up would be the better choice of targets at this point, I started once again, and before long had it in structure. While trying to avoid the Vengeance though, the Hawk was managing to pull some range. Correcting my course to try grab a point on him again, I wasn't quick enough. The bigger problem though I came too close to the other hostile, who scrammed me. My Wolf didn't last long past that point.

Having told hoss that I was scrammed, he came in a Maller to try help, but was too late at that point. The original Harpy who had re-shipped, and the Hawk were also back on the gate to the plex, and scrammed him, killing his Maller as I grabbed my Rupture, to go for round two myself.

Landing on the gate, all three of the ships they had left were there. Vengance, Hawk, and Harpy. I was fairly confident though, with dual-webs and dual-180 ACs on my Rupture. After a little difficulty as they scrammed me and took turns breaking web range, I managed to snag the Hawk, and with a little help from the Executioner that had been in the site, dropped him, though still having trouble landing decent hits due to the Harpy's tracking disruption. With the Hawk cleared out, the Harpy came next. Not landing decent hits because of the TD for the most part, I eventually neuted it out and got a couple volleys in, though hoss had re-shipped by this point and was laying into it with a Coercer. More explosions. The Veng managed to run through this all though.

Full BR from our KB is here. We barely managed to break even, though the Serpentis point is unaccounted for, I'm guessing the Veng grabbed it and got out.

The Thrasher was some random that showed up as we were cleaning up the Harpy, and went into the plex, and proceeded to go afk on the warp-in, so I popped him, and podded him (without pointing him) with my drones as I went to loot.

GF Drunk Chaos.

And after I posted this, ended up finding a Maller at the gate of a small plex in system. Taking my Drake out for a spin I went for it, and as usual, bait Maller was bait, though this time only for a single Vexor.

hoss once again provided backup for me, coming in his Dragoon, with the Maller at about 1/3 armor, the Vexor landed, and I made the call to primary it, as it'd be the majority of their damage. It melted.
At the same time though, h0t had taken a real beating (33 hp left in structure) and warped out, so it was just myself and the Maller, who had been pulling range on me. Aligning towards him, it was soon apparent that he was faster than I was, going over 100m/s while webbed, and myself going 40 or so. Spamming heat and hoping he wouldn't, and would let me get a MWD cycle in was no luck as he warped out to a safe spot.

Fly Dangerous

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