Sunday, 19 August 2012

A Series of Fortunate Events pt. 2

I'm still somewhat in disbelief with the events of this morning. Getting into my pod, I start doing a bit of logistics. Having a friend move a couple Dramiels that I won off the blink lotteries, and then playing around fitting one of them with items I had laying around in the hangar (Got something that looks half decent now, but with the price of the ship, I'm a little leery of flying it often). Taking a couple pot-shots at a friends Cheetah to check the tracking on it as the Angel frigate zips around at nearly 4km/s. While doing that, I notice one of our friends in local from last night, the Drake/Myrm pilot.

Sure enough, before long he's out in a Hurricane, and then sits himself on our station undock. Pug is online once again, and though I'm GCC'd, and will have station aggro, we decide it could be fun. He grabs his SFI and undocks. Sure enough TIRANOSSAUROS engages him, so I undock my Cyclone and start fighting. His Hurricane is ASB tanked, the same way my Cyclone is, so it's really a race to see who runs out of charges faster, as he starts attacking me, but under the combined fire of the Hurricane and the Station, it's soon apparent that he has the advantage. Able to pull a couple more boosts out of my cap, it seems like he's also run out of charges in his ASB, but not soon enough, as my Cyclone explodes. Warping my pod out, and back to station, I see his pod warp away from the Hurricane wreck as I land.

We loot the field, and I begin waiting out GCC again, when Agrippa notifies us that TIRAN is sitting on our undock again, this time with a Tengu. Pug undocks his Megathron this time, and soon enough the battle is going again when the Tengu aggresses on the Battleship, and also on Agrippa's Rifter. Undocking in my dual rep Stabber Fleet Issue again, we start working on the Tengu's active tank. Before too long it's very apparent that the incoming damage is overwhelming my active tank, so using my afterburner I burned out of his scram range, and warped to a nearby planet to repair/reload the cap booster. Coming back in, and opening fire, we do the same thing again, getting the Tengu to show a little armor damage, before I need to warp out again. After about four times of doing this, we really haven't done much to his armor yet, and Arch Widowmaker gets on, but is a little ways out. I continue my dance in and out of the fight, with nearly burnt out reps it makes things a little more difficult. Soon enough though Arch undocks in his Machariel, and the Tengu starts attempting to de-aggress and dock up, but too late. The combined firepower of the two battleships on a stationary target, along with my Stabber and Agrippa's Rifter finally were able to get through the Tengu's tank.

I'm really amazed that this guy kept coming back time after time. Four ships in two days to us, getting two kills in return, but losing the ISK war by far (and some SP at the same time).

Fly dangerous

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  1. That's a nice series of events lol. I have had a few people like that who keep coming back for more >:D