Thursday, 16 August 2012

Long time, no post

It just occurred to me that I've been neglecting this blog. I kept meaning to write a post up here or there after things had quieted down, but being the master procrastinator that I am, I always would just put it off.

Add into that, taking an extended long weekend to go out to Shambhala Music Festival for the third year in a row (and having an amazing time with a whole whack of my friends out there), it's been the better part of a month since I've written anything here. Even with it being a fairly slow month, I've definitely had some good times in there.

Battlecruisers have become the mainstay of what I've been flying, though with the most recent patch, I think I may be trying to get out in Tech 1 Frigates more often again. The Slasher really has piqued my interest, it seems to be a better version of the shield Rifter at this point. In three days, when AWU IV finishes, I'll have a decent fit for it to test out I think.

Back on the Battlecruiser thing though, as much as I wanted to love flying the Cyclone around everywhere at first, I've more and more found myself in my Hurricanes, or more specifically, my nano-cane. It's fairly devastating both when up close, or while kiting. Add in to that, the fact that I can jump through 0.5/0.6 security systems with it, to hit some low-sec pockets here and there, and I'm quite happy with it. While flying them, I'm usually 50/50 on going out with my cov-ops alt scouting me. I've saved myself from a few gatecamps with that (and never managed to go through one without scouting it, knock on wood), and having a prober along for the ride has definitely netted me some kills here and there, but the effort to do it on one monitor is sometimes more then I want to spend, and there have been a couple of times where the alt has been left sitting on a gate, and woken up in a clone vat.

On an aside, and I almost hesitate to put this in the blog, my alt has gone on a fairly large aside on his training. I had been training boosting skills, with the eventual goal of getting into a link Loki, but once I saw the mining changes coming up, and the minor amount of skill points needed to get into a Retriever, that's exactly what I've done. Along with that, I've gone and been training various industry skills, so before too long, I'll probably be trying to do some basic production to keep myself stocked on ships rather then having to buy everything, along with getting some extra income from the whole carebearing thing. I've ganked enough miners, that maybe it's rubbed off now? Definitely not going to be something I put much effort into (though I've done it a lot in the past few days, as I've not wanted to put any effort into anything else after coming home from work), but I may be able to support my PvP habit with it (I hope).

Anyways, just a quick post here. I'll probably hit some of the ~goodfights~ in my notes in the next few days, get back to some of my normal content here.

Fly dangerous


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