Thursday, 7 June 2012

Blasted Battlecruisers

Today was my most expensive day ever I'd hazard a guess, not totally stoked by how I lost it, but it was a good day yet. 

Got on earlier then usual, as I came home from work early, and after interviewing a new member for the corp, I started my normal roaming. It wasn't too long until Dahren had seen a Drake on scan in Cumemare. There's been a new corp in there with new players, that have been fodder most of the time, but now they dock up or run to station as soon as they see Repo. in system. 

Telling Dahren to leave system, I bring my prober in and eventually find their ships, a Drake and a Rifter on station, approaching/bumping each other. Watching them for around 10 minutes, they finally warp off to one of the belts, right near the Aunsou gate, so Dahren goes and takes the long way around to Cumemare through Dastryns. About one jump from getting to Cumemare, the two ships warped away. Soon enough finding them at the ice belt, I called for Dahren to jump in. Before long he called point and I was bringing Dischord in, and telling  Varah  to get in, as he's needing points for his recruit assessment in Repo. It turns out that we didn't actually relay what system we were in to  Varah , so once we had the Drake in structure, we held it until he was able to come. 

While we were doing this a Cormorant from the same corp came in and started firing on us, with my point on the Drake, Dahren went and grabbed a point on the Cormorant, and I set my drones on it, nearly knocking it out before Vah landed. With him on the killmail we dropped the Drake, and then the Cormorant, which Varah sadly didn't make it on, but did grab the pod, who didn't want to be ransomed. 

Dahren and I soon went out in our Thrashers and tried to find some people in minor FW plexes, unlucky on finding anyone attacking a plex, we settled on trying for a Stabber Fleet Issue. Chasing it around from a few Celestials, I eventually landed 100km off of him and started burning, with Dahren warping in. It was soon apparent that this wasn't going to work when Dahren's tank was getting eaten through, I still went in as Dahren's thrasher disintegrated, and started firing, hoping that it was actually a shield tanked, since we were almost through the shield, but it wasn't. I got it to around 3/4 armor before my Thrasher suffered a similar fate. 

Later on, after a while of fail-scanning, we had a Celestis on scan in Iges, a couple passes later we had it scanned down and went in. With no resistance as we dropped the ship, darmwand went for the ransom on the pod, and I've gotta say this was one of the most interesting ransoms I've seen in a while. 

All the while when this was going on we saw a Hurricane and Harbinger on scan looking like they were wanting a fight. As we were getting ready to fight, Maleficas logged on and we were getting him on it, but they left system. Before too long one was back with a different friend in a Harbinger. Deciding this was a good time to test out my Cyclone, even though I'm currently only Battlecruiser III, I got into it and started looking for them, knowing I've got a couple Hurricanes and a Rupture at my back. Finding them at  a belt, I warped in with everyone else aligning.

Landing on top of one of the Harbingers, I overheated everything, and forgot to use the Blue Pill I got from Dahren.... and my shield melted away, and came back a few times, but it was soon apparent that even overheated it wasn't going to be lasting all that well, and before long my first Battlecruiser vented atmosphere. As everyone landed, their trump card soon came into play, when a falcon uncloaked. Excuse my french, but, fuck ecm. With some of our guys jammed, the fight started to turn. darmwand was getting to low structure, but managed to get a last volley out of his arty-cane to drop the first Harbinger and warp out.

During this, Maleficas' Hurricane was taking heavy damage, and I was re-shipping into my Rupture, knowing the Falcon was there, I bounced to the Covryn gate and warped back at 100. Landing 20 off the Falcon, it warped out before I could get into point range, and in low armor the other Harbinger warped off, but not before both Mal's Hurricane and Dahren's Rupture had become space junk. 

Figuring that the fight was over, with other corp-members docked up and re-shipping, I went in and tried to loot the field, after grabbing a couple of wrecks worth of loot, the Harbinger warped back in, locking it up and opening fire, the Falcon once again de-cloaked. Calling for everyone to come back, I was from then on perma-jammed, watching the lasers eat through my hefty tank, while my drones nibbled away. Before I popped someone managed to grab a point on the Amarrian Battlecruiser, and they dropped it as I was grabbing a Wolf to come out and try get the Falcon.

With the engagement actually over, we looted the field and docked up. Good fight sirs, though relying on using ECM was a bit of a low-blow. 

Later, I got a call from Superpooper that he had a lowsec to lowsec wormhole with a Gila on the other side. He's a resident of the Amoen loop, so I had to take something smaller and fast through there, so I grabbed my Wolf and headed over, with darmwand beside me in an Incursus, Sadly, by the time we got there, the Gila was gone, but there was a Worm and a few other ships running a minor outpost. Going and re-shipping into my ASB Rifter, I came back, but the plex was gone. The worm was still on scan, so Super grabbed a probe ship, but never got a bead on it. He came back in a Coercer as we saw them on the gate of the major plex. Warping in, we landed on top of the Worm, and I called it primary, but it was able to warp out before anyone got lock. Trying to go for the Cormorant that was there, none of us were able to catch the Railgun fit ship, so we gave up and warped off, taking no losses. 

Roaming back the 15 jumps to Iges instead of taking the Wormhole, it was fairly empty besides a couple FW blobs. Eventually seeing DARKSTAR POWNYOUALL in a Wolf, and asked if he was interested in a t1 frigate 1v1, he agreed and soon I was waiting for him to reship at the sun. Landing on me our deadly dance began, with my ASB handily dealing with all the incoming damage, but too well as I let it run a couple cycles where it didn't repair nearly as much as it could have. Both of us neuting each other, he capped me out before I had gotten him down, I'm guessing it was a cap-boosted fit, as he was also running an armor rep. My guns tore into his armor quite well, but his rep was dealing with it as well as mine was.

And then the horrible thing with the ASB happened, out of charges. No more tank, with everything overheated, the remaining time was nailbiting as his armor kept edging lower and lower. My shields were gone, and he was around 1/3 armor, but a couple volleys later my armor was nearly gone, and his rep had kept his stable. The end was in sight, and my Rifter was on the losing end

Definitely one of the best fights I've had in ages. 

To end the day, I solo ganked a Covetor, and then was in on a Hulk and pod soon after..

Rather eventful day. I probably won't be touching my Battlecruisers (I've got another Cyclone fitted, along with a Hurricane, and another of each sitting in Jita that I won on blink earlier today that I'll be bringing down) until I have BC IV finished, which will be in 3 and a half days. I look forward to that, and seeing what I may be able to pull with a Cyclone out solo. Also makes me glad I've got a scout in a covops ship now too.

Fly dangerous


  1. that solo cyclone should be a beast even at level 4. Are you going to for bc 5 right after that? I have to say, BC 5 is one of those month long skills that I just don't regret. The DPS increase in the Cane from bc4 to 5 is just that good.

  2. I'll be going for BC V sooner rather then later, but probably not right away. Ill be out of pod for a good part of July it's looking like, so I figure that'll be a good time to tackle something like that.