Friday, 22 June 2012


Well, that thing called life has caught up with me, and the next month or so I probably won't be on much, though I'll try work through my back-log of notes to do a few posts in the meanwhile.

Today was another day of expensive losses.

Saw a Cyno up, with an Augoror on scan, which does scream bait, but I went for it anyways. I grabbed my Stabber Fleet Issue, and warped to it. Locking up and firing, I ate through it's shields, and did well into it's armor, drones taking the heat off of my ship for a little as I do the main damage. The Amarr cruiser was into low armor, with my own buffer wearing to near half when a Nidhoggur warped in. Starting to see structure damage peak through, and then suddenly the Augoror was full shields. The entire time it had been scramming and webbing me. Aligned to the sun I hit the afterburner and tried to get out, but with the added DPS of drones from the Carrier I got to 8km away before my pod warped away. Had I overheated my AB? That would have been a different story.

Coming back a while later, I went into the Avaux loop, knowing there were some locals out. Trying out the VagaWolf I had fit ages ago, and then realized I didn't have the cap skills to use.

There was a flashy-red Crusader on station in Ruerrotta, who docked as I came in, and then brought an Ishkur out, before long though he had another member of his corp come out in a Scorpion. Figuring I could play around and get out without too much trouble I still engaged. He dropped his flight of drones, which I took care of in short order, before I got jammed and disengaged. Coming back for round two, I did the same thing, until I was jammed again. After the third try though, I was jammed right from the start, and having switched my overview to try and go for his drones again, I didn't notice the Ishkur get close to me, and by the time I did it was too late to correct, and I had been scrammed and webbed. Game over.

Anyways, as stated, the next month will be mostly a training month, Weapon Upgrades 5 being a priority, since I just finished my t2 drones training, followed by BCV and Minmatar Cruiser V, and probably Assault Frigate V. We'll see where I go after that though. Still lots I can put into Gunnery, but I'm always feeling the itch to cross train and get something new. The Amarr Cruiser line is always tempting me, the Arbitrator just looks like an interesting boat to fly, we'll see. There's a good chance I'll end up getting  BCV, then training basic Frig/Cruiser skills in all the races so I'll be sure to have their BC skills if/when CCP changes that skill around.

Fly dangerous


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