Monday, 16 April 2012

Repo. Roam, April 14th

I'm bad at following plans. Especially longer term ones. I think I have ADD or something, especially when it comes to skill training. I've EVEMON'd three or four different skill plans by now, but it always leaves something I'm not happy with, either I rush into something bigger too fast, neglecting my core skills, or I take care of those core skills, and it seems like it'll be forever until I'm flying anything new. Like I had said before, I'm a sucker for instant gratification. Now that I've been flying Assault Frigates for a while, and thoroughly enjoying them, I always seem to want something new and shiny. Another class of ships, another races ships. While I've been able to restrain those thoughts (usually by going into EFT and seeing how poorly my skills translate), the nagging thoughts are still there. Once I wrap up on getting Energy Systems Operation V and Electronics V (about a week away for the two of them to be finished), I think I'll be starting to work towards getting my T2 medium projectile turrets trained, before training up my Minmatar cruisers. The Rupture is a boat I really have been wanting to fly for a while now, as much because it brings more to the table with it's firepower/neuting capability in a fleet, as well as being a capable solo ship. While my Assault Ships are great for solo, when everyone else has big guns out, I feel like it would be nice to bring something more to the table.

Speaking of which, this past Saturday we had a Repo. roam, this would be the third organized one since I've been in corp, and while not a smashing success while I was there, it really was my first real taste of fleet combat. I was the -1 scout for the fleet in my Jaguar as we were moving around. Other then h0tsauce, who was the forward scout soloing a Vexor before the fleet got to him, things were fairly quiet until the gang got to Aubenall.

 I was watching the gate as I saw local spike, I kept watching the gate and eventually saw two Guardians, Scorpion, Blackbird, two Canes, Myrm, Prophecy, Brutix and Thorax. With us in a fleet with mostly shield 'Canes, a Phobos, and two Scimitars we were good for the fight. our FC called the fleet to the sun and waited for them. As they warped to the sun, I came into system and warped in as fast as I could. The blackbird was called pirmary as the Scorpion hadn't hit the field yet, and I landed around 40k off of it, I overheated my MWD and burned towards it, and by the time I had it locked it was already hitting structure. Getting a couple rounds out of my autocannons into it, the hull of the cruiser failed. When that happened, we turned our attention to one of the Guardians, when the Scorpion hit the field. With our FC calling the Scorpion primary, I started burning out towards it, when the FC changed primaries back to the Guardian who was hitting low armor at the time. Getting our rounds back into the Guardian, hammerof thegods in one of our Scimitars started calling that he was taking hard hits, but our other Scimi, piloted by Ivan En'vec was apparently jammed by the Scorpion. With the Guardian we focused hitting 1/3 armor, he started to regain armor and we were unable to break his tank. Through all this Ivan was able to get one round of reps into hammer through the Scorpions jams, but it wasn't enough and he went down. At this point, with their heavy ECM, and two logi boats still on the field Atan called a full retreat, which was managed without any more losses. 

At this point we left system and tried to put some distance between us. Hammer went afk for a few minutes before re-shipping to a Cynabal and joining up with us, but Ivan, who had been having trouble with his VoIP called it a night. As we were moving through towards Maut, I picked up a gang with two faction BS and two Guardians, with a couple others. Realizing the pipe to Maut would be a trap for us, we detoured into Aldranette, and Nenanamalia, where we attracted the eyes of Gallente FW pilots. Soon enough we were being tailed by a 10 or so strong gang of mostly Drakes, with some fast tackle, and a few others. Eventually the bulk of our fleet was ordered to warp into Oinasiken, but the FW gang had warped directly to the gate. With our BCs crashing the gate, they tried to get through the other side and started to primary various fast tackle in an attempt to get everyone out. They bagged a Comet and Ares, but ended up losing Mal's and Dahren's Canes.

It was at this point that I had to head out, and it turned out I missed some of the good kills too, with the highlights of the rest of their roam being an Apoc, along with a Hurricane and Drake.

It was definitely a good time, and I look forward to more corp roams like that. I enjoy solo combat, but the change of pace with having more targets and such a hectic environment is a welcome change. In the next couple days I'll probably get back to another blog post with my solo escapades. 

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