Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Industrial Fury

Well, after one post in between, I'm once again breaking the timeline of events. Today has just been one of those days. You know, one of the ones that makes you love this game. Especially love being a pirate in this game.

The day started with deciding to jump in a Thrasher. I've flown a couple before without great luck (and this one ended in an un-spectacular blaze of not so much glory later, as I hit "warp" on the wrong system as I was traversing high-sec, and started slow-boating back to the gate I had just left), but had one left to try make good use of, and that I did.

Heading into the fruitful Amoen/Avaux loop, I head the short way through it, which was empty other then the docked up regulars, until I hit Avaux. Along with one local, who is normally docked (and was here) there were four neutrals. Warping to the scan spot I've made in the centre of the system, I quickly see that there's a Covetor on scan, but what really caught my eye was the Hulk, Vexor, and Iteron III I had on scan towards the four cluster. Warping to belt 1 there, and they aren't there. Scanning quickly, I find that they're at the #2 belt. Jumping to it, and overheating my prop and tackle I land 20km off of all of them. Hitting approach on the Hulk, he never starts aligning as I get a scram on him, but at the same time my computers target the Vexor, and my autocannons start blasting at the Cruiser. After one volley lands, the Vexor quickly aligns out, and warps off.

At this point, my thoughts right away turn to ransoming the pilot, so I invite him into the Repo. ransom channel, but he declines the invitation right away. All the while, his Hobgoblin Is have been slowly nibbling at my shield tank, but not enough to give much worry, as his tank melts. Able to get a point on the pod, I right away invite him to the channel again. This time he accepts, but after a few rude remarks, he wakes up in a clone vat.

With the Covetor still on scan, I right away turn my attention to finding it, and soon have it scanned to belt 1-1. Warping in, and landing right on top of this Mining Barge, as it's dispatching a couple rats with it's drones, I disable it's warp drive, and invite it to the Ransom channel, and get a reply of 
 Leboc Deninard > sorry ff busy
Soon enough I get a request for a private conversation from this pilot. Talking with him, he soon doesn't agree with any terms that would leave him his ship, so I proceed to repossess his assets the hard way.
Once again able to get a point on this capsule, he never replies in the allotted time, and soon enough there's a floating corpse.

Flying around for another couple hours with nothing else that tickles my fancy, I dock up for a while and rest for a couple hours. Jumping into a Rifter after losing the Thrasher, I made my way down to Kennick. Soon finding myself near the VIII cluster, with another Hulk on scan, I warp in, landing around 15km off of this Exhumer. With the Afterburner firing up and extra power on the Hulk, I manage to grab it as it's aligning out. This one doesn't have any drones, and I invite him to the ransom channel. Third time is a charm, right? It turns out that it truly is. 

[04:08:57] Teck Togenada > hello
[04:09:05] Teck Togenada > how much do you want?
[04:09:08] Dischordant > 100m and I stop firing?
[04:09:20] Teck Togenada > hmm
[04:09:39] Teck Togenada > k
[04:10:05] Dischordant > thankya sir.
[04:10:11] Teck Togenada > pleasure doing business with you
[04:10:17] Dischordant > it has been
[04:10:19] Dischordant > o/
[04:10:25] Teck Togenada > o7

Parting ways after this mutually beneficial agreement, I end up in Pellile, where I saw a Prorator on scan, but soon enough it's gone as a pilot leaves system. Not knowing where he went, I made my way into Dour, and after finding no viable targets, I came back to Pellile and made the short hop over to the Grispire gate. Coming through, I right away saw the pilot that had left Pellile was in local here. Warping all around, I couldn't find him, so I ended up docking up to stretch my legs for a few minutes, and saw the Prorator's pilot in the station. Coming back to my ship 10 minutes later I noticed that he had left the station, but was still in the solar system. Jumping into my Rifter and getting back into space as fast as the little frigate could go, I soon find the hauler on scan at a customs office. I land on top of it, and see right away that he's aligning to get out. Lock resolves and my scrambler disables his ships ability to warp. Opening fire right away as I invite him to the ransom channel (there's really a common theme here today) as I know he has a friendly in system, he accepts the invitation.

 [ 2012.04.25 04:08:57 ] Teck Togenada > hello
[ 2012.04.25 04:09:05 ] Teck Togenada > how much do you want?
[ 2012.04.25 04:09:08 ] Dischordant > 100m and I stop firing?
[ 2012.04.25 04:09:20 ] Teck Togenada > hmm
[ 2012.04.25 04:09:39 ] Teck Togenada > k
[ 2012.04.25 04:10:05 ] Dischordant > thankya sir.
[ 2012.04.25 04:10:11 ] Teck Togenada > pleasure doing business with you
[ 2012.04.25 04:10:17 ] Dischordant > it has been
[ 2012.04.25 04:10:19 ] Dischordant > o/
[ 2012.04.25 04:10:25 ] Teck Togenada > o7
[ 2012.04.25 05:29:35 ] Dischordant > o/
[ 2012.04.25 05:29:39 ] MaverocK > o/
[ 2012.04.25 05:29:43 ] Dischordant > itnerested in saving the ship?
[ 2012.04.25 05:29:53 ] MaverocK > how much?
[ 2012.04.25 05:29:57 ] Dischordant > 80m?
[ 2012.04.25 05:30:10 ] MaverocK > 50m Smile
[ 2012.04.25 05:30:15 ] Dischordant > 75m
[ 2012.04.25 05:30:24 ] MaverocK > hehe 60m
[ 2012.04.25 05:30:31 ] Dischordant > 70 will be my final offer.
[ 2012.04.25 05:30:56 ] MaverocK > ok i will sent you 65m Smile
[ 2012.04.25 05:31:08 ] Dischordant > 70, or you get a 65 m refund and no ship
[ 2012.04.25 05:31:39 ] MaverocK > ok i send
[ 2012.04.25 05:31:47 ] Dischordant > waiting on 3m
[ 2012.04.25 05:32:01 ] MaverocK > why?
[ 2012.04.25 05:32:10 ] Dischordant > because that wasn't the agreed upon amount
[ 2012.04.25 05:32:38 ] MaverocK > ok as you wish
[ 2012.04.25 05:33:09 ] Dischordant > still waiting
[ 2012.04.25 05:34:06 ] Dischordant > I do mean it.
[ 2012.04.25 05:34:07 ] MaverocK > i send you 70m
[ 2012.04.25 05:34:26 ] MaverocK > sorry
[ 2012.04.25 05:34:27 ] Dischordant > you sent 67.9m
[ 2012.04.25 05:34:31 ] MaverocK > wait Smile
[ 2012.04.25 05:34:35 ] Dischordant > so I'm waiting on the remainder.
[ 2012.04.25 05:35:04 ] MaverocK > ok this time
[ 2012.04.25 05:35:11 ] Dischordant > it's been a pleasure.
[ 2012.04.25 05:35:13 ] Dischordant > o/
[ 2012.04.25 05:35:17 ] MaverocK > o/
[ 2012.04.25 05:35:25 ] EVE System > MaverocK was kicked from the channel by Dischordant
Effective until: 2012.04.25 06:05
Reason: "agreement reached"
[ 2012.04.25 05:35:35 ] Dischordant > !!!! WHAT A DAY!
[ 2012.04.25 05:35:41 ] Vivien Sureflight > No kidding O.o

As you can see from that log, it took a little gentle coaxing to get the full amount out of him, but a couple extra rounds from a Rifter's autocannons really do tend to move things along quite nicely. 

All said and done, that's definitely been my most profitable day in New Eden.

Fly dangerous


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