Saturday, 10 March 2012

Some losses, few wins, and a Corporation

So, there's been a few changes for me lately, most notably that I've joined Repo. and am currently going through their assessment.

The day that I joined I decided to go back into Low-Sec, even though I hadn't finished training Eng V and Thermodynamics. It all worked out though, because soon after I got out there, I found Jak Hazan in a Rifter. He was a little slow to attack me and I had his shields nearly down before he even started to do damage, and was well into structure before his guns broke my shield. Needless to say, He didn't last.

After wandering around for a while longer, I eventually fleet up with h0tsauce 0nyaD0g from Repo. and we go out looking for a fight. After a while of nothing, we find a Navy Hookbill on scan. Both of us are newer players, and really have no idea what we're up against, but think that 2v1 we may just have a chance. Hoss engaged found him and engaged, and I warped in, h0t was taking a beating really quick, and the hookbill was just kiting both of us. I keep attempting to manual pilot into range to get a scram on him, and he seems to be manually piloting to avoid that, which causes him to lose point on h0t who then warps out with major damage. As soon as that happens I start spamming warp on the nearest celestial to my direction, but it was too late, he had his point on me, and it was just a matter of time. No matter what I tried, I just couldn't touch him. It did take much longer then I expected it to, but My rifter kersploded.

The next day after more roaming with no success, Yakov Pavlov, another Repo. Recruit and I fleet up and try to jump a Coercer. Not much to say about this other then we didn't have any chance, He was able to get both of us from around 20 km out.

After those two losses, I took most of a night off to run some missions and get some isk back in the accounts, but near the end of the night I decided to do a quick roam, which I'm glad I did. I found a 14 day old character ratting with a rifter in a belt in Eifer. I jump in about 20km off of him, get my 'burner going and speed towards him, worried he's going to jump before I get there. Luckily he doesn't and i get my point on him, and the dogfight begins. It soon becomes apparent that I'll come out ahead here. Downing his rifter I get a point on his pod right away. I invite him to a conversation, and ask if he's willing to ransom his pod. Figuring he's a new character, something around 3 million would be a fair price for it all. He quickly agreed, and I sent him on his way with a (slightly) fatter wallet.

That would be my only stroke of luck though, as yesterday I lost two rifters.
The first to haerod, member of r1fta. h0t and I had been playing cat&mouse with another pair of rifters, who didn't seem to be together, and a rupture. Eventually h0t docks and has to go afk for a few minutes, which is when I jumped on haerod. Bringing guns on each other, we both get through each others shields in around the same amount of time, but as my armor gets chewed away at a much faster rate, it becomes apparent that he'll be coming out ahead. GFs are exchanged and I get my pod out.

Fitting another rifter, this time with a shield tank to try it out, I head out. h0t is in Auner trying to find a few, and I wait on the gate. When a Cynabal and Tengu both appear on scan coming to the gate, I bug out and head through. Eventually I scan down one of the ships h0t had been trying to find, a rifter once again, I warp in and tell h0t to warp to me. Getting him scrammed and webbed I set my orbit to 500 with my 125mm autocannons blasting away. As his shield melts, my damage hits a brick wall as I get to his armor. He keeps working through my shields, and I get worried. As my shields evaporate, my armor soon follows, and I still hadn't done much to his armor. As I explode, h0t manages to get his point on the guy, and Finish the job.

All in all, it's been an interesting few days. Going on a roam with Repo tonight, and then Engineering V will finish tonight, so I can finally get Thermo trained.

Fly dangerous.

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