Sunday, 18 March 2012

Getting the hang of things.

It's been a while since my last post. I did that right before my first roam with Repo. and while it wasn't too successful, it was a learning experience for a bunch of us. On to the meat of this post though.

Becoming more efficient with the d-scan, and learning where targets may be has netted me a good number of kills since my last post. from a Probe in Eifer (who I think put a cool $1,000,000 bounty on my head), to a Cyno Rifter (who actually fought back.... and I also derp'd and let the POS guns get me), to a Retriever, a Hoarder and a Sigil.

For actual fights though, there have been a few good ones.

In Orfrold, h0tsauce had scanned down a rifter, and with all targets in system being much older then either of our characters, I waited on the gate for him to jump in and engage. As soon as he called point I jumped in. Jumping straight to them I get my web on the other rifter, who is just entering armor at the time. I wind up my guns and start blasting, and as the hostile rifter reaches structure, I hear Hoss say that he's just entering armor, catch being that he was in a shield tanked rifter. At about that time, an Arbitrator warped in, so as soon as the hostile rifter was destroyed we left without grabbing any of the loot. After about 5 minutes I decided to go and check if the arbitrator had actually grabbed it or not, and being afraid he was still at the belt I warped to 40, and saw the wreck still having items in it. Still seeing the Arb on scan I quickly scooped the loot and got out.

Later that evening we had a Cyclone on scan in Resbroko. Being that h0t has the better probing skills I lend him my probe I had in system to go and scan down the cyclone, which hadn't had it's name changed, and was a 1 month old player IIRC. Getting 100% I wait for him to get back in his rifter before I jump to the bookmark he had left. Getting to the mission area, I see that the cyclone is 60k from the warp in, so I overheat my AB and try get to him as Hoss warps in a couple seconds behind me. AB overheated and scram primed I'm closing in as fast as I can, which turned out to not be fast enough. The pilot warped out and left a "nice try guys" in local. Oh well. We go around and loot the wrecks for good measure, getting a meta 4 MSE which I would later lose on one of my rifters.

We got in one more fight that night, with myself h0tsauce and Judaires trying to find a fight. Eventually we jump on a thrasher sitting at 0 on the sun in Floseswin. Hoss is the first in and gets a point on the thrasher, but at the same time starts taking some massive damage. Jud and I both get in and I open up. Jud, who is flying a Griffin starts jamming, and luckily for h0t gets one as h0t's rifter hits structure, and he's able to warp out. Thinking we've got this made, I set in to my optimal orbit, and forget to check my d-scan, and fail to notice the spike in local. Seeing a bunch more thrashers appear on my overview I call "get out, get out" for Jud over teamspeak, and he's able to do just so. Not so luckily for myself, one of them gets a point on me, and I don't last much longer.

Getting on the following day in Auner, I see Miura Bull on scan in a rifter. Though he's a much older character, with much more practice in all this, I say "why not" and jump on him. Guns overheated, damage control on, we both get through each other's shields at nearly the same time, but that's when his skill-point advantage (and possibly ammo choice?) rear its head. He blow through my armor much quicker then I'm able to punch holes in his. With my rifter venting atmosphere I get my pod out and invite him to a conversation. In my actions to align my pod to be sure I get out I hadn't noticed how far down his ship had gotten before I didn't have him targeted anymore. Finding out that I had gotten into his structure, and that he had to overheat his armor rep (which I hadn't even thought about), I felt fairly good to see where I stacked up against him there.

There were a few more kills and deaths since my last post, but nothing stands out too much (though I shot the shit out of an Asteroid rather then doing anything to that last pod). Strangest one being a flashy red that left his (really tanked) rifter afk outside a station.
I had seen him in a mission with a drake (who's pilot had left system in a pod shortly before this kill) earlier, so I called h0tsauce in right away, afraid of backup. None came and we podded him.

I'm definitely getting more used to everything, and more confident with my target selection. Having gotten under a -2 sec status (currently at -4.25 as of writing this) I've trained up an alt for hauling ships out, as well as doing some trading to hopefully support my piracy habit (though I'll probably be selling a plex very shortly to make sure I don't have any unwanted breaks in the action).

Signing off for now, fly dangerous.

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