Sunday, 8 July 2012

Two days, two hulks

Well, I've been back for a couple days now, had a few fights, couple interesting ones that I'll include in some other posts, but I've snagged a couple of hulks in the past couple, both being lots of fun.

Having a Cov-ops/Scanning alt, I've had someone who offered me a cut of any profit he makes from sites I scan down, so more and more often I've been scanning the systems down if things are slow, as it also provides me bookmarks to head in and catch people if I find them at the sites later.

Doing this, yesterday I found a wormhole, and decided to check it out, and soon enough saw a mining op in progress, a Hulk and a Retriever. Not sure if there would be much in the way of backup for these guys, I invited a few friends to fleet up and drop these as I scanned down the site. Fitting a MWD to a Wolf, we went in, and warped in.

Getting in, we all started burning for the ships with Pug getting there first and grabbing the Hulk, so as I went for the Ret while firing on the Hulk. Getting a point on it, they both drop rather quick. Seeing the message that someone else got a point on the Ret, I grabbed the Hulk's pod, inviting him to the ransom channel, he spewed some Russian profanity at us (according to darm, who ran it through google translate) and left channel. As we were on our way out, they said more, that I didn't bother checking out.

My first time finding people in a WH myself, I was quite happy with how that turned out.

Today, I went out and it had been fairly slow, and decided to roam to my favourite corner of Placid, and made it out to Kenninck without any targets coming up.

They had a mining op going when I got in system with co-ops alt, they all docked up, did some other stuff, and after an hour or so they came back, had a Hulk out with some friends.

went and had my cov-ops line up for a warp in as I brought Dis from a few jumps out, as I came in system he had been moving but wasn't aligning out. Coming out of warp, and I was on top of him, and then this is what followed.

EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Kenninck
Teck Togenada > dischordant
Teck Togenada > come on
Teck Togenada > ill pay you
Dischordant > domi doesn't kill me, and alright
Teck Togenada > domi, dont kill her
Teck Togenada > whats the fee this time?
Dischordant > 220 mill.
Dischordant > he's shooting
Teck Togenada > domi stop
Bo Baggs > oh nooooo
Bo Baggs > lol
Commander Mittens > Smile
Dischordant > I'm OK with that trade.
JssNinja > kill your self
Dischordant > Kill: Teck Togenada (Hulk)
Dischordant > Kill: Dischordant (Rupture)
Dischordant > 300 mill vs 40 mill. Not bad.
Dischordant > have a good day!

BM'd the wreck with the alt, warped to a safe, saw a noctis on scan so I didn't head to grab it, soon noticed it off scan, so I warped to the belt, and saw that the wreck was still there. I warped off, and warped in again, started salvaging, and then saw the Noctis back on scan, and then came into the belt. It took forever to salvage, the Noc then warped out, and I had a Drake/Domi/Caracal on scan, managed to salvage and scoop the loot just as they arrived, so I warped off.

3 intact armor plates, + the loot, I broke even on that, even though I didn't get the ransom.

All in all, it's been a fairly good couple of days. Not back playing as much as I used, and probably won't be for a couple more weeks. Finishing off a few shield skills so I can fly a XL-ASB Cyclone, and then it's back to BC V, and then on to cross-training so I'll have the other races Battlecruiser skills when the time comes that CCP changes things around.

Fly dangerous

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