Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Stabber, and a Drake

Yesterday, after I had my Small Projectile Turret V training, along with Small Autocannon Specialization I and  Engineering IV finish, I decided to jump back into one of my empty clones, and head back into low-sec. I still had one of my rifters fit without any T2 guns on it, so I figured I'd just run with it, and see how long it lasted, and once it was gone, I'd start running with my T2/Rigged fits.

I didn't find too much early in my roaming, so I decided to head to Amamake. Getting there, I see a Rifter on scan, but as I scan him down, and warp into the belt, he warps out, and then leaves the system. I had also noticed a Merlin on scan, so I turn my attention towards him. I narrow down the belt he's in, and warp in to 0. He's on scan at 200KM away, so I warp to the planet and back in, and start burning in towards him. As soon as I can use the look at command, I do so, and keep it there, he doesn't move for quite a while, so I'm thinking he might be AFK. At around 70KM out though, he turns around and starts burning towards me. We finally get in range, and we both mutually scram/web each other, but the trouble is that he's out of my effective range, and is able to do pretty major damage with his railguns and missile launchers. Seeing that this will be a losing fight, I start burning away from him. I manage to break scram and warp out, while deep in armor. I had barely scratched his shield at the time.

After sitting in my safe and repping my armor back to full, I decide to give it another go, so I warp in to the belt at 30, and wait there. I won't be making the same mistake twice. He's back out at 200km from the belt, and not moving. Eventually I see his velocity pick up as he turns and starts burning in. I hadn't been paying attention to the D-Scan for a while though, and it's at about this time that a Navy Slicer warps in, and locks me far too quickly for me to even think about getting out of there. Short story even shorter, I didn't last. The merlin then decided that was his cue to warp in, and try take on the Slicer. I didn't stick around in my pod to see what went down, though I found out with This killmail.

Not discouraged by this, I head back to Rens to grab one of my other rifters, this time a T2 fit, and with rigs. The fit I'm using is currently 

[Rifter, Johnny Hobo]
Small Inefficient Armor Repair Unit
Damage Control I
200mm Reinforced Titanium Plates I

Limited 1MN Afterburner I
Stasis Webifier I
Initiated Harmonic Warp Scrambler I

Small 'Knave' Energy Drain
150mm Light AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP S
150mm Light AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP S
150mm Light AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP S

Small Projectile Collision Accelerator I
Small Projectile Burst Aerator I
[empty rig slot]

Starting my roam at Eifer as has become normal for me, I head out. I have trouble finding anyone wanting to play again, with another rifter warping out as soon as I find him, and leaving system again (I didn't recall the names, I wonder if it may have been the same both times). Coming to Ingunn, I see a stabber on scan, and figure, "Sure, why not." I find him in a belt, and what happens? He warps out. Seeing that he's still in the system, but not on scan, I check the stations, and sure enough he has docked.

I start chatting for a little bit, watching to see if he undocks, and sure enough he does. I follow, and notice he's staying right by the station. Soon he drops a can with a couple missiles in it. So he actually does want to fight. I grab them, lock him,  start orbiting at 500. I see him lock me, and scrams, so I scram, web, and open fire. Loaded with RF EMP his shields fall extremely fast, and he's having some serious issues hitting me while webbed as I AB around him. Starting to eat through his shields, he finally lands a couple solid hits on me, dropping my shields. I finally have to start using my armor rep after this, but it doesn't matter, soon he's in structure, and then the Stabber is no more.
For practice, I then target/scram/web his pod, but let it go.

Grabbing all I can, I warp out to a safe spot, and drop a jet-can with some of the loot I was able to carry, and warp back. Not paying attention, and having my overview only showing loot, all of a sudden I'm surprised when I start taking damage. Switching over, there's a drake. I manage to get away from him and back to my safe. Chatting with him for a while, He's offering to give back anything he had looted from me. I don't trust him, but eventually my greed gets the best of me, and I warp to the customs office where he said he was waiting. Not being too trusting, I warp in to 100km, and see him at 0. He starts burning towards me, and asking about what was mine. I pre-align to my safe spot, but then stop paying too much attention to it all, too busy chatting. Yeah, I'm that stupid. I try to run, but he must have been MWD equipped, because I just couldn't pull away from him. Thinking back, I should have tried to scram him to run. Once he gets my rifter I say, "Not really a gf, but oh well." He was quite impressed with how long I lasted though, saying something along the lines of, "Nice tank, I'm quite surprised at how long you lasted."

As I'm flying my pod home, I notice my wallet flash, and the pilot of the drake had sent me 2 million ISK. I tip my hat to you Lord Jasta. Thanks.

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